Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Tyler

My brother Tylers Birthday is today. Tyler and I are 10 months and 1 day apart. I know crazy, what was my mom thinking, she wasn't...However I have always been glad he came along so quickly. Throughout my growing up years he was always my protector and my friend. Today I had a patient who was in for a hand injury after punching someone in the face after they said something inappropriate about his sister. I was reminded of when I was in high school and the guys were in the locker room after football practice. Someone said something inappropriate about me to my then current man. My brother over heard this comment and quickly put an end to it by saying something along the lines as, "That's my sister you are talking about and don't talk about her like that." Apparently it shut them up quite quickly. When we were in elementary school Tyler came across this pink girl bike with a banana seat and a chain lock around the seat that he eventually figured out the code to. He didn't care that it was pink and a girly bike. He would pile at least three of us on that banana seat, one would sit on the handle bars and we would go for rides in the field next to our home with milk weed and caterpillars, which we would collect in mayonnaise jars and wait for them to hatch into monarch butterflies. It was always fun to have Tyler in the same grade as me, but because we look so different everyone would always ask if he was my boyfriend, because we were always together. One time in college he scared the living daylights out of me when we were driving home from Boise State in a snow storm. We were only a mile from home when we hit some ice and did some sliding around. We weren't hurt, but I was scared. I scared him even more when in grad school I was riding his new snow mobile. I still to this day don't know how that tree stump got in my way, but I totalled the snow mobile and he will never let me forget it. The first thing he did however was come find me after I flew across the meadow to see if I was still alive. Thank goodness I didn't have my helmet buckled or I would have been decapitated. He then went to asses the damaged snow mobile. To this day I have not gotten back on one.
Tyler is a wonderful father. I watch him with his children and can see the love that he has for them. He is patient, gentle and soft with them. And he loves his wife. I remember when he got engaged he told me he found the perfect person. I still remember his exact words he said to me over the phone, "She has everything." Remember that Tyler? So here's to being the same age for 2 months and 1 day. You always ask how does it feel being such and such age well, how does it feel? I think it feels great!

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  1. I guess I didn't realize how close in age you and your brother are. That must've been a wild ride for you mom. =)