Saturday, May 21, 2011

Love Me A Girls Saturday Night!

I treasure the Saturday's that I have off, I mean really treasure them. However sometimes I stay in my PJ's until 3pm like I did today. I didn't say that I didn't do anything, because I did, it was all just in my PJ's. Well, really I didn't do a whole lot of anything, but I did clean out and organize the silverware drawer. I know totally exciting.
I put the vacuum cleaner away that had been in the hall for the past 4 days too. I learned how to make a new flower that I am totally digging. And I finished up my taxes. Hey, that's big. I usually don't get them done by now. What's even more exciting is that I am getting back more than I ever have, which just means that I paid out more than I ever have. I went to the dollar store and bought a back-mirror to replace the one I broke last Saturday. Maybe that was the reason for such a horrible shift that night. I went to Aldi's my favorite super market to buy mango's, limes, and cottage cheese. I know talk about exciting.
But... I went out tonight. I wasn't about to sit home on a Saturday night by myself, for tonight was girls night! Yes and on a Saturday night! Like with my young, newlywed girlfriends from the single's ward that I aged out of back when. I love their vibrancy and that they don't have to be back at a certain time to tuck their kids into beds and that they aren't obsessed with spending every waking moment with their husbands. No offense, but some of my girlfriends along the way can be a bit obsessed with their husbands and once they get married they think we can't be friends because they are married and I'm not. Seriously it has happened, more than once too.
I was a bit concerned about where we were going, because it would mean that we would have to drive right through race traffic, given the fact that this is one of the 3 big race weekends of the year. However, it turned out to be just fine because the race started at 7 and we were having dinner at 630, which meant most race fans were already there or living at the race track for the weekend. The most entertaining thing for me was to see all of the rednecks and variety of race fans as we were trying to make our way through the two lights that only took forever. I had met Kimberly at her house since she lives by me and she drove, which gave me the opportunity to photograph the moment. It was great and I know my brothers would have gotten a kick out of my people watching.

Who brings along extra tires, unless they are on the race track?
Beer can's liter Concord. Beautiful.

Love the white shirt...see him?
There are even mullet haired women
This is my and 90 degree's.

Like the man with his favorite number on his shirt, long shorts and cooler of beer.
Love the Mr. T Man
We went to a great Japanese restaurant where they cook the food in front of you. I haven't done that in forever; it was super fun! After dinner we went back to Kimberly's to enjoy a lot of laughter, great conversation, and delicious cheesecake.
All in all it was a fabulous day, which ended with sad news; a text from handsome man telling me his 10 year old niece had passed away. No details are really needed for the public, but my heart ached for him and his family. I am sure it is bitter sweet given the fact that she has been sick. I really was humbled in how he felt about the situation, "Thank goodness for knowledge of the plan of salvation though it doesn't make me any less sad in a selfish way." I did however finish my evening and started my Sunday morning by having a wonderful conversation with Handsome Man. Oh, how I wish it would have been in person and not over the phone. Endurance, Endurance, Endurance...

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  1. No worries - I am someone who appreciates a nicely-organized silverware drawer. =) Love the race fans, too. The whole Nascar scene is still a phenomenon I'm trying to understand. =)