Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mother's Day Surprises

The Friday before Mother's Day I left my house bright and early to board a plane at 6:35 Idaho bound. I had to tell my mom a little white lie that I was working that weekend, because I had the weekend before off, she believed it. However it wasn't until I walked in the house a little past 1pm that she got her Mother's Day surprise early...ME! It was so funny, she screamed with excitement like I haven't seen in a while. She had no idea. We kept it from her for 6 weeks. I love surprises. Always have always will. All the kids were home for the weekend and of course I wasn't about to miss a party.
That evening they had already planned to have a BBQ or in the south we call it a Cook Out, to celebrate Gavins Birthday and that I was home of course. Our friends the Taylors and Grandma Betty and Grandpa Randy also joined us. Tenielle had also brought home two friends from SLC. We had such a great time. I sure love a grilled hamburger, especially on dad's new grill. Our babies are growing so big and are so darn cute!

Saturday we had dad's yummy waffles for breakfast and then went to "Wicked." We all sat in different places, but had great seats on the floor. My cousin Alisha came with us which was so much fun. I have been listening to the soundtrack for a year and it was great to be able to see how the music fit the story. It very much surprised me, but I totally loved the story line. I now have a much different perspective of "The Wisard of Oz." That has always been my least favorite movie, I wonder now if I could sit through it again, probably not. Afterwards we went to my favorite place to eat in down town boise, the Brick Oven Beanery.

Sunday I surprised my mom again by speaking in Sacrament Meeting thanks to my dad the bishop. He asked me to do this 6 weeks ago. I told him that I spoke last year on Mother's Day. He wanted me to give the same talk. Funny how we think dad never remembers anything, well he proved to us that he does. The men had a very lovely dessert for us after RS and I loved how my dad had the men take over YW and Primary during RS so that all the sisters could enjoy RS that day.
It was so nice to be able to have Sunday dinner with my family. That is the one thing that I miss about living in the south. Sunday dinner by yourself is rather boring and uneventful with something like soup or dry pasta. I miss the 5 course meals, the one meal we all looked forward to even though my mom always made a nice dinner when we were growing up. I think the food always tastes better when you are surrounded by company.
Aidree and I had fun with bubbles!
After the kids left we visited my grandparents. My poor aging grandmother asked me at least twice where I lived and what I did for work. It was kind of sad. We then visited Alisha's family at her parents house for a while which was fun. It brought back memories of when I use to spend the weekends over there as not only a kid but even as college student.
Monday was a pretty relaxed day. We spent some time with Tristen and Aidree and then had Chicago Connection Pizza with my Aunt Thalia and Uncle Robert and their son Ben and his wife. Becky also brought the boys. That has got to be one of the best places for pizza in Boise and I know that I haven't had it for at least 15 years no joke. They always go there when I'm not in town.
I left Tuesday morning. It was a very quick trip but so worth the price. It was rather relaxing for such a quick trip too. Can't wait for when Mom, Dad, Tenielle, Tony, and Tanner come to CLT on May 27.
PS. I'll have to add pictures from dad's camera when they come to visit, since my battery died and I was unable to take more. Can't you tell, most of these pictures are from my phone, not super great.

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  1. How fun to surprise your mom like that! We did that to Jason's mom one time years ago. We had Jordan walk up to the door and ring her doorbell. =) Looks like it was a fun weekend!