Friday, August 15, 2014

Another FF

1.  Saturday I went to the beach with my nurses and then to dinner. It was fun to spend time with them at a place that I love.
2.  Sunday I skyped the little A's and Mr. J.  This is always a treat for me.  The little A's started school this week.  Sure wish I would have been there for their first day.
3.  I have worked 3 busy days this week with 2 days off and then 3 more days on.  I have treated a lot of traumas.  I'm grateful for the talents I've been given to help people.
4.  Tuesday night Mr. J put me on speaker phone and we had FHE.  He gave such a great lesson.  It was fun for me to be involved even if I was clear across the country.
5.  Yesterday I enjoyed most of the day at the beach.  It was so relaxing to listen to the waves while the sun beat down on me, with the wind blowing.
6.  This morning I had a nice jog.  I jogged down to this path that I've always wanted to take which looks out to the ocean.  It was so clear today that I was able to see 7 miles across to Cape Cod.
7.  I had my CA 125 again this week.  It was normal at 8.6!

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  1. Enjoy every moment of the cool, its horrid here!!!