Friday, August 8, 2014

A Beachy FF

1.  This week I worked Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  And then 5 days off!  What else do you do on an island when you have that many days off?  Go to the beach of course.  Wednesday morning my friend Melanie called to say they were going to South beach and wanted to know if I wanted to come.  Of course.  I had heard that South beach was the beach to go to.  Little did I know I'd fall in love with the gigantic waves, the soft sand and the peace that beach brings.  Lets just say no other beach on the island will compare to its awesomeness and I'll be spending the rest of my beach days here!
2.  Wednesday when I went to the beach they were having a sandcastle contest.  I'm a fan of sandcastles!
On our way home from the beach, my friend and I stopped at a fun market, where she bought me this beautiful bouquet of flowers.  They remind me of my Aunt Leslie and her love for sunflowers.  I'm all about fresh flowers in my kitchen.  They brighten up any room!
3.  Thanks to the expertise of my sister Tristens skills and love for ebooks, I started my first ebook this week and can't seem to put this book down.  If you are looking for a great Summer read, The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd is the book for you!  Kidd also wrote The Secret Life of Bee's, which I loved and remember reading it in the Summer months in my condo when I first moved to Charlotte.  I love that I can get ebook's from my Oak Bluffs Library.  The only downfall is you have to read it in 1 week or you loose it or have to buy it from amazon.  However you can request it again, but you will lose your spot.  Thankfully this week I've had plenty of downtime and beach time to spend reading.  I still love having a real book in my hand, but it is nice to be able to turn on my ipad and my book pops up where I left off.
4.  Speaking of which I haven't mentioned enough how much I love my library, which is not even a mile from my house!  I love it so much.  Yesterday before we had us a crazy thunder, lightening and rain storm I stopped in quickly to get me some weekend chick flicks and went upstairs to the YA section of the library, which is new to me!  I found a couple of books that I'm sure will be great reads.  Oh how I love to read during the Summer months and even more so to be reading at the beach!
5.  I knew this Summer at MVY was going to be amazing, but it is just fantastic.  I'm so loving working in the ER!  This is true ER medicine with mostly vacationers and injuries.  I saw my first jelly fish sting, which was awful on someones back this week.  I also had a guy this week literally blow out both of his knees; haven't seen that before.  The people here are so nice and its fun to hear where they come from.
6.  This week's supermarket specials included red, yellow and orange peppers, onions, zucchini and avocados.  Which means I made a mean stir-fry with brown rice.  It was delicious.  Haven't made stir fry in a good while.  It's kind of been fun to cook around supermarket specials, which my friend Melanie says she does too.  I also loaded up on Chabani yogurt for when my mom comes to town in a little over a week.  They were .88 which I've never seen them even on the mainland at that price.
7.  Yesterday for dinner I treated myself for half price appetizers at the Blue Canoe.  This is a tiny restaurant that overlooks the harbor.  Mr. J wants me to find the best clam chowder on the island for when he comes to visit in 4 weeks!  This was some pretty amazing chowder, even though I only ate 1/4 of it because of getting full on the most incredible lobster fritters.  All I can say is only in New England will you find such a delicacy.  The view was so beautiful especially with storm clouds rolling in!
8.  It was announced yesterday that the Phoenix Temple open house will be October 10-November 1 and the dedication will be on November 16.  I am so excited for this and to be there when it all unfolds.  I feel like this is my temple, since it is so close to where I have lived off and on with my Aunt Leslie and Uncle Gordon over the past year or so.  It has been fun for me to watch its construction.  When I return to Phoenix in the Fall my home will more than likely be found around this temple.  What is even more exciting is that my friend Lauren and her husband will visit then too because he served his mission in Phoenix and will have a mission reunion.  Lauren and I have been talking about this and I'm so excited to see her and for her to meet Mr. J!  I talked to Aunt Leslie last night.  I love this aunt of mine.  It was so fun to talk to her about MVY and of course Mr. J.  Aunt Leslie and Uncle Gordon are in charge of tickets for the temple dedication.  What a neat experience that will be for them to be in all 3 session at the temple.  Speaking of Temples, these are 2 of my favorite pictures that Mr. J sent me from his phone when we were in SLC last week...


  1. Terah those lobster fritters are out of control! What a treat! You will never regret living life to the fullest! Keep it up girl! I too love sunflowers and the ones you have are gorgeous!

    1. Oh, they were amazing! I'm totally loving and living life to the fullest. I have so many things and people to live for! I've learned to never take anything or anyone for granted.

  2. Hey Terah It as so fun talking to you yesterday!! You are such an amazing girl, I sure love you too!!!! Those were beautiful flowers, like you I love flowers every kind, but sunflowers hold a special place in my heart because they remind me of the cabin, I loved that place!! Those sand castles were WOW, I especially liked the big fish. You are making the most of every moment and I love that about you!!