Friday, October 3, 2014

Back To Phoenix FF

1.  I feel somewhat like I'm at home here in Phoenix.  Aunt Leslies house smells like my grandma's, especially when she makes her homemade bread!  My clothes are unpacked and I am feeling like I could stay for a while, at least until Christmas anyways.
2.  Saturday I so much enjoyed my time in the temple.  I missed having a temple that I could go to when I wanted when I lived in MVY.
3.  I watched the General Womens Broadcast with my cousin Deborah and my Aunt Leslie on Saturday.  I love the confidence it re-instills in me that I truly am a daughter of a loving Heavenly Father, who knows me and loves me.
4.  Deborah and I went to the snow-cone shop after the broadcast.  You know my love for anything icey, especially snow-cones!
5.  We went to Deborah's ward on Sunday.  They had their Primary Program.  It was the best one I've ever seen.  It was like a small mormon tabernacle choir.  I'm excited to see my ward do their program the end of the month.
6.  It has been good to be back to work here in Phoenix.  I really do like the people that I work with here.  I was sad to let my supervisor know that I will not be taking a full time job there.  I have felt so much peace this week in knowing that Heavenly Father really did answer my prayers in regards to this job.
7.  I went to COSTO and TALBOTS today!  I gave into the the sale on Jelly Belly's and bought some at Costco.  I love Jelly Belly's thanks to Alisha.  When she was in her first year at Ricks, she would come home on weekends and we would go to Fred Myers, buy a bag of Jelly Belly's and guess the taste.  These days I just pick out the ones I like and skip the nasty ones, like rootbeer.  It was so nice to be able to drive to whatever store I wanted to today, even though I admit I wished when I was out basking in the sun that I was doing it at the beach.
8.  I bought a plane ticket to go to Charlotte in December this week.  I'm excited to see my CLT friends.  It was only $211; a spur of a moment decision, but when you find a great deal like that, you better jump because it likely won't be there when you come back.
9.  I have been in Heaven when it comes to the produce section at my local Sprouts!  I must admit, I've eaten an entire stock of celery this week and am on my second.  Produce is sooooooo cheap here!  I bought 15 pounds of my favorite Honey Crisp Apples this week.  They were only 88 cents a pound, I've never seen them that cheap.  I bet you can't guess what we are going to do with them this weekend....I'll keep you guessing for now!
10.  The first thing I did Saturday morning when I got here was go to the gym, do a spinning class and then sign up for a gym membership!  I love the gym!
11.  This coming week the Phoenix Temple Open house begins...I'm so excited to be a part of the open house each week, by being a core usher!

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  1. I'm glad you are happy here, we're loving having you with us!! You made a great dinner tonight thank you very much!! Well back to the horrid BYU game--UGH!!