Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween FF

1.  I love Fall and I love Halloween.  I admit I'm missing the Fall leaves and the crunch they make under my feet, but...I'm not missing the cold temps.  I am still enjoying the warm weather for one more day before the temps drop to the 70's.  It is a little strange to have Halloween on a day that it is going to be 90.
2.  It was so good to spend last Friday with my friends Lauren and Chris.  We spent the morning at the Mesa Temple, then had the best cuban sandwich at Liberty Market.  We had snow cones for dessert and then they dropped me off to do a video conference with a job in Hawaii.  For dinner I made them fish tacos and then we watched BSU stomp all over BYU.
3.  Yesterday morning I took dinner to my friend Ofa who had a baby last week.  It was so fun to sit and chat with her and hold her sweet baby.  She is such a sweet friend.  I probably needed our time together more than she needed it.  I'm so grateful for friends, I truly have been blessed with many of them.  Yesterday afternoon I went down to Casa Grand which is about an hour from Aunt Leslies, to visit an urgent care staffed by EMP, the company I worked for in Charlotte.  They are a fantastic company.  Oh, the decisions I have to make in the next few days...
4.  On my way back from Casa Grand I stopped at the Gilbert Temple where I did sealing's.  It is such a happy thing to do knowing you are helping to bind families together.
5.  After the temple last night I had dinner with my friends the Sondrups.  I had such a fun evening catching up with them.  It was nice to get their take on living in Phoenix, since they aren't from here.  They love living here.  They have the cutest 2 year old twins who talk so well.
6.  This morning I spent my last time helping with tours at then new Phoenix Temple Open House.  What an incredible experience this has been this past month to participate in this temple experience!  There are at least 36 of the most amazing paintings in this temple, most of which depict Christ's life.  There is a beautiful picture of a black woman dressed in white praying, that I absolutely love.  Every time I have gone through a tour I see something new that I didn't see before.  It has been fun to talk with people not of our faith and see the excitement in their eyes as they visit this beautiful temple and feel of the peace that is there.  They estimate there have been 180-200,000 people visit the temple in the past 3 weeks.  The temple will be dedicated in 2 weeks.  What a neat thing it has been to be involved in 2 temple dedications in Arizona in less than a year.

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  1. The temple experience has been so wonderful for all of us!! I love that you helped there as much as you could people like you made this time a great experience for so many people!!