Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Summer Reading

School is out here in Phoenix, which means its officially Summer, even though it feels like Summer 9 months out of the year.  But it's the spirit of Summer that I love.  As mentioned every Summer for the past however many years I've been blogging, I love my Summer Reading Program.  One of my most favorite memories of my childhood is going to the library with Grandma Betty and signing up for their Summer Reading Program and then going each week to pick out novels that I could get lost in during the lazy days of Summer.  This hasn't changed.  I still love going to the library and having a stack or two of books to pick from.  I believe in reading several books at the same time, depending on what mood I'm in.  However sometimes I can't help but read the same book for several days in a row if it has my attention.  I love sitting at the beach or the pool with a book in my hand and the sun on my body; a little wind never bothers me either.
Today I spent 2 hours burning my white skin at the pool with Becoming Lady Lockwood in my hand.  A book that I started a few days ago and will finish in a day or so.  And then I'll be on to the next book!  For some reason people think that if you live in Phoenix you are naturally tan and spend every day at the pool; wrong my friends.

I will admit, I'm super bummed about not going to Martha's Vineyard this Summer.  I'd hoped to visit the end of the Summer, but now that HM is in my life, I'd much rather be visiting him!  Hopefully next Summer the cancer will be gone and I can resume my Summers in MVY!

And so for the next 3-4 months I'll be enjoying Summer with a book in my hand, a lemonade at my side (because I have jars of frozen, fresh squeezed lemon juice in my freezer) and all the fun Summer has in store (even amongst a little chemo).

Side Note:  My friend Pamela sent me this picture.  She had gone to her child's school and saw that he had done this for me.  Thank You Bayden.  I'm so very blessed.

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  1. So sweet of Bayden!! Amen to summer reading!! I'm reading Tracy Abramsons new book Royal Brides, really good!! I also read Lady Lookwood, good read!! Can't wait to hear more about HIM~!!