Sunday, May 22, 2016

Super, Duper Sunday Happenings

1.  Last Friday before Jenny's wedding reception I went with mom and dad to visit my Grandpa Swensen's brother Leonard.  Uncle Leonard is an amazing man, whom we all love dearly.  A few weeks ago he had surgery for colon cancer.  Two days later he suffered a stroke and then developed pneumonia.  When we entered the room I immediately grabbed his hand.  His eyes lit up and he smiled a half smile.  My Aunt Ruby said it was the most reaction he had given them in the past 2 days.  I'm so happy we were able to visit him since he passed away this past week.  We will miss him, but I'm ever grateful for Eternal Families.  This past week as I sat in the Temple I had a small glance of the reunion he is having with his parents and brothers.  He had recently voiced that he missed his brothers.
2.  Saturday we had pedicures and then I visited my sweet friend Shelley and her family.  I love this friend of mine.  She has such adorable kids.  I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father directed us both to Charlotte so that we could develop this friendship. Shelley's family got a baby goat.  It was pretty cute, especially when it was dancing.  Shelley's daughter and Tanner's girlfriend took turns feeding it.
4.  Last Sunday I flew to Seattle.  Aubrey picked me up and then we went to church.  After church we had dinner guests!  We had great fun chatting and the kids enjoyed playing.  
5.  Monday my dinner guest, lets call him HM (handsome man) picked me up after dropping his adorable 4 and 6 year old off at school and we drove to the beach.  Might I remind you of my love for the beach, any beach will do.  It was a beautiful day.  I enjoyed so much our conversations and walking on the beach.  
6.  Tuesday was another beautiful Seattle day.  After Aubrey made me some delicious eggs, we got ready for the day and headed out for a little shopping.  We went to downtown Kirkland to this cute little boutique where I got 2 dresses, one which I will save for the fall and a summer dress, which I'm sure I will put to good use.  We of course had to take a few selfies.   
She then took me to TJ Maxx my favorite store where I spent money on clothes I really didn't need, but really wanted.  From there we had lunch and then watched her adorable boys in their track meet. It was such a lovely day spent with this fabulous friend of mine.  We determined we've known each other for 17 years.  
7.  Tuesday evening HM took me to a lovely place for dinner, we went on a walk on a beautiful green belt and then sat on a bench off the path where it took all of the courage I had to tell him that I have cancer.  The look on his face was exactly how he felt; shock.  But he handled it so well and told me that he didn't feel any differently towards me.  It was such a relief to me, because I like him and I think we could quite possibly have great potential together.  After breaking my news, we met Jack and Aubrey for a yogurt and Aubrey had her dream come true of driving his Tesla.  She so funny.
8.  Wednesday Aubrey and I went on a most enjoyable morning walk.   HM picked me up around 1 and we went to his house, to dinner and then I had to say goodbye.  It's always a bummer when vacations are over.  The plan is to see HM again on my return trip after having chemo in Idaho in June.  That just seems so long, but I'm a girl whose developed a lot of patience along the years.  
9.  When I was in SLC I saw these poppies. Oh how I love them.
10.  Becky sent this picture of Stella and Graham this week.  They are so cute.  I mentioned that Stella's hair is getting long.  She said Stella thinks her hair is like Repunzel's.  So funny.
PS.  I'm sure you are wondering about HM.  We met in early March when he was in Phoenix for Spring Training.  Our first date was over Shaved Ice.  He is pretty incredible.  To Be Continued....

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  1. And Terah's life of fun and adventure continues!! Hes a cutie and you look sweet together!!