Friday, July 8, 2016

4th of July Fabulous Friday

I can't believe we are well into July.  It seems like when 4th of July is over the Summer days begin to fly by and all of a sudden everyone is back into school mode.  However being the single lady that I am and being well into my summer reading program (of which I can't seem to get enough time in my days to read all of the books that are piling up on my library chair) and the fact that I live in Phoenix where we have Summer temperatures well into October, I feel like my Summer is coasting along rather well.
It was a little disturbing as I visited my local Costco this morning to see backpacks and school required clothing on display, especially when it was 105 at 1030am, at least they still have a plethora of bathing suits and shorts out.  Speaking of bathing suits, I did it again...I purchased another, un-needed bathing suit last Friday evening.  It is so cute and was begging for me to take it home, especially because it was on the clearance rack at Marshalls.  I've come to the conclusion that one can never have too many flip flops, sunglasses and bathing suits.

Speaking of bathing suits, Monday I worked 9-5 and then headed over to our clinic directors home for her annual 4th of July party, where I spent most of it with a drink in my hand and in the pool.  Her pool is awesome as it has this large area where you can "lay out" and be in the water.  Hope that makes sense.  I've never seen anything like it, but if I ever design a pool, I'll for sure use that design.  I only stayed a few hours, because I like to watch the fireworks on TV from Boston and NYC.  I know boring, but it's my tradition, since I think I've worked nearly every 4th of July of my life.
 My dear friend Aubrey is in town this week!  Yesterday after work I went over to her parents where her sisters and sister in law joined us.  We cooked kabobs on the grill, chatted around the pool while kind of watching for any potential drownings and then of course because it is summer (and I had a groupon that was expiring today), we took the kids for snow cones.  It's one of my favorite things about Summer for sure.  It's even more fun when your bestie from college and her adorable nieces and nephews are here to do it with you.
And then we facetimed HM, because remember Aubrey is the only one of my friends or family to meet him.  She thinks he is fabulous and so do I.  He knows how to make me smile really big and blush.  I'm not really a blusher, but this guys seems to bring it out in me.  I love technology.  What did we ever do without facetime, especially in a long distance relationship?  I facetimed him all the way home and then until we both had to get some shut eye. 

I've worked every day this week and it has been crazy busy.  I've had patients in atrial flutter, having heart attacks, blood clots, lacerations, broken bones, and hand foot and mouth to name a few.  I'm on the count down again, 5 more shifts before I go home for another round of the dreaded chemo, which I'm really hoping and begging the Lord that it is shrinking those blasted tumors.  But I'm really excited that I only have 8 more days until I get to see HM.  He's definitely one of a kind.

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  1. Your life is one big adventure!! I love hearing every bit of it!! Aunt Carol Brown asks about you all the time you should give her a call if you have a minute!! Isn't the weather just the most boring!! Hot hotter hottest!!!!!!!!