Saturday, July 16, 2016

Homebound Again

In 3 hours I'll be homebound again!  I'm happy to go home for many reasons...
-I'm meeting HM there tomorrow.  I'm excited to share him with my family, even though I'll be honest that I'm completely freaked out at the idea of taking him home.  I've found it's easier to keep guys from my family if it doesn't work out.  However, I am excited to spend several days with him.
-We are going to spend plenty of time out at the pool because the weather is going to be fantastic.
-We will of course attend the Snake River Stampede, a tradition we have had in our family since forever.
-We are going to one of my favorite plays in the mountains; Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.
-I get to cuddle, kiss and snuggle with my nieces and nephews.
-Of course we can't forget chemo, seeing Dr. Dan and hoping it's working.

Last night I had what I'm sure was a partial bowel obstruction.  I've had them before and each time they bought me an NG tube, which I didn't want.  I was in such horrible pain that I was seriously contemplating a trip to the ER, which you know me, working in one definitely makes me not ever want to be a patient in one.  Thanks to a few of my girlfriends and my parents prayers, the pain let up and I'm feeling much better this morning. 

Sometimes I feel like my prayers aren't being heard and answered in the way I am expecting them, but then I have moments like I had last night where I really needed prayers answered immediately and they are.   It is then that my faith is strengthened and I can't help but remember that Heavenly Father is listening to me.  This morning I read this quote that hit me to the core and was a good reminder to me to keep the faith no matter what. 


  1. I'm sorry that happened but so grateful your better!!!! I hope you have a wonderful time in Idaho and with Him and Dr Dan will have good news for you!!

  2. What a quote gal you are, that's a great one!!