Sunday, July 3, 2016

Don't Give Up

As I knelt in prayer last night, I poured out my heart to my Heavenly Father asking for specific direction and understanding.  After praying as I do each night, I read my scriptures hoping for an answer, which I didn't receive.  Most nights as I turn out the light I also turn on a general conference talk.  I go in order of what talk is next.  Last night was no different.

As I laid in bed, with many thoughts streaming through my mind and not really focusing on what I was listening to, I heard 3 little words that gave me the direction I was seeking, "Don't Give Up."

And for at least an hour I laid there thinking about the power that comes with these 3 words.  I repeated "Don't Give Up" over and over in my mind, knowing it was Heavenly Father giving me the answer to my prayer.

There are a handful of things in my life that would be easy to give up on.  Life isn't easy.  And sometimes it feels like I'm never going to make it, but then I remember that Jesus never gives up on me and so I better not give up either.

Several weeks ago Mitch read me a childrens book called I Knew You Could.  He gave me a copy of it when I was in Seattle last week.  This afternoon I read it and felt that it was telling me again not to give up.  A part of it says,

"You'll go through tunnels surrounded by dark.  And you'll wish for a light or even a spark.  You might get scared or a little bit sad, wondering if maybe your track has gone bad.  So here's some advice to help ease your doubt, The track you took in must also go out.  So steady yourself and just keep going-Before you know it, some light will be showing.  And then you'll be out, heading to a new place. You'll be ready for the next tunnel you face."

Today after church I had a little pow wow with my girlfriends. I love these ladies and am so grateful for them in my life.  Each of them has had different challenges and experiences.  They shared those with me in our conversation.  Their words to me were Heavenly Father's way of also answering my prayer.  Their consensus...Don't Give Up!  Oh yea, don't you love how we were totally color coordinated today!
All day I've been playing this quote in my mind by Elder Holland.  I love it.
And so as I start another week I'm going forward with determination to keep putting one foot in front of the other.  I'm not a quitter, never have been, never will be.  No giving up for me, no, no no not even when the going gets tough I keep going.


  1. I probably love this blog more than any I've ever read!! We all know you will never give up and you certainly aren't a quitter!! I LOVE that quote by Elder Holland!!!!! I can see my parents telling you the same thing, Don't you quit keep going we are with you every step of the way. okay why am I crying??

  2. Ah thanks! Wait, what you don't cry. I often feel grandpa shouting at me to keep going and grandma I'm sure at his side with her high pitched yell too!