Wednesday, July 27, 2016

HM'S Visit and Chemo Update

Last Saturday I flew home.  This is shot of the Grand Canyon from the plane.
 When I stepped off of the plane I saw my cousin Ben who lives in Houston, with his family getting ready to fly home.  They had been in Idaho for 3 weeks and I missed them.  So glad we had 5 minutes to chat.
I basically saw my sister in passing when I got home.  She was home for the weekend, but then went to a conference for work.
Luckily she came back on Wednesday evening so she could meet HM, who came to our home on Sunday!  It was such fun to have him with me at home.  We did a lot of relaxing, spending time by the pool, chatting with friends and eating a lot of moms sweet treat's.
Monday evening we went boating which was a blast!  The water was perfect at the lake and we had such fun tubing and knee boarding.

Tuesday we went to the Bukaroo Breakfast and watched rodeo qualifications.  It was a great way to get us into the Stampede Mood.  That afternoon my nieces and nephews and cousin Callie came to swim and brought her darling kids.

Tuesday evening we met my friends Kaycee and Brent to the Snake River Stampede.  We had awesome seats; front row, just to the side of the shoots.
Looking Mighty HOT in his new Cowboy hat and boots!

Wednesday was the dreaded chemo.  HM was a champ as he listened to me visit with Dr. Dan and put forth a plan.  In 4 weeks I'll have a CT scan.  If the tumors are shrinking we will continue with the Doxil.  If they aren't we are going to do a clinical trial, which we are actually going to do anyways.  It is called the MATCH trial and will match my tumor to 4000 genes.  It does require a biopsy which will be uncomfortable, but if we can figure out what kind of tumor it is then we can match it to the specific treatment instead of guessing like we are doing now.  There is also an immunotherapy clinical trial that we talked about too.  I'm really hoping that this treatment is working.  I'm not really in any pain, which makes me hope and think this chemo is working.

Wednesday night we got BBQ and took it to the Shakespeare Festival where we joined Alisha, Jason, mom and dad.  There we watched a performance of My Fair Lady.  It was such a fun night and the BBQ from Bodacious Pig in Eagle was delicious. So much so that we took the other kids there on Saturday.
Thursday morning was a lazy morning, we had breakfast with Tenielle and her beau before HM had to get on the road to head back to Seattle.  Boo for goodbyes.  I get to see him again in 3 weeks.  I'm getting really good at counting down the days.  Some days I wish I could just invite him over for dinner and a smooch.  But I can't so I make the most of all the time I get to spend with him.  Thank goodness for FaceTime.
I had so much fun with my cute nieces and nephews while I was home.  I can't believe how big they are all getting.  We had dance parties, celebrated 3 boys turning 6,  lots of pool days and many snuggles!
And I'm a horrible aunt, because I didn't take any pictures of Klara.  Not quite sure why.  Next time I'll take lots of pictures of her.  She is getting a little bigger but so tiny and so cute.  She has the most beautiful blue eyes.

Yesterday I had lunch with these ladies that practically raised me.  I'm so grateful for each of them and their friendships, advice and love.
I've been feeling okay with this chemo, but last night and today it seems to have hit me a little.  Thankfully I'm feeling much better tonight and feel like I'm back on the road to recovery.  Until next time...


  1. WOW so much in one blog!! As always our Terah is living life to the fullest and going forward with faith!! Cute pictures of everyone!! So happy you had fun with HM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That was Leslie who made the anonymous comment.

  3. hey Terah when are you coming back its hotter than HELL here and your missing it!!