Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Comminuted Finger Fracture

So today as always on my drive home from work, mom asks how my day was. My reply is always the same, busy...nothing too exciting. When she asked the same question tonight I said the same thing but then I said, actually...then I proceeded to tell her that I got a call from my dear friend about 4pm at work. I can't disclose her name as that would be a HIPPA violation. Anyway, she tells me she thinks she either dislocated her finger or broke it. She was winding down an umbrella while at the pool when wind came up and somehow her finger got caught up in the whole mess. Well, I of course used my authority, but then actually felt bad about it and told my nurse she could wait, that was until I saw her x-ray. Poor thing. She had several fractures in her little finger. We call them comminuted fractures. She will likely have to have a pin put in it sooner than later. The funny thing was she was devastated that it was going to impact her beach trip which she takes every father's day. The worse thing was my nurse was putting a splint on and I went into make sure it was right, well, it wasn't and I had to actually straighten out her fingers causing some pain. I really felt bad. I hope she is going to survive tonight. I am sure she is in quite the pain even though I gave her Lortab. It kind of felt weird prescribing my friend a narcotic. But I am sure she is thanking me tonight.
On another note, Nick had his gallbladder removed yesterday. Do you know he went in at 6 and was out by 1030. And last night when I saw him he wasn't down and out of it, but up working a puzzle. I actually thought he would be worse off today, but at noon he tells me he is out shopping. That doesn't happen to people in my family. The first day we all are puking and Tenielle said she was out for a week with hers. He didn't even puke once. He even went into work for a bit. Craziness, however it again strengthens my testimony and I am sure his too of priesthood blessings and lots of prayers. How grateful I am for the gospel in my life that gives me direction and knowledge that we have a Heavenly Father who hears our prayers. I don't know how He does it, but I know He does.

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  1. I was so happy you were working yesterday...well, except for that part when you had to straighten my finger out. =) Don't worry, though, I won't hold it against you. =) Hopefully this shows my dedication to your blog since typing with one hand is a huge pain! =)