Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Great Heritage

Today is my Grandma Swensen's birthday. I always remember her on this day even though she passed away shortly after I turned 1. I often wonder what my relationship with her would be like today if she was still alive. I imagine we would be great friends. I believe she is aware of my accomplishments and has been around on special days in my life. My mother has always said when comparing me to her, "It is amazing how someone can be so similar to someone they have never spent time around." Mom says I act like her, laugh at things she would laugh at, have similar interests and talents, and of course I have her nose, chin, and even her fine thick hair. Grandma was a journal writer, which I am sure I inherited this trait from her too. I imagine if she was alive today, that she would enjoy blogging as I do. The one thing I did learn from her was to write down my thoughts. Grandma never wrote what she was thinking, only what she did. I often wonder what she thought about certain things, but then I read what she wrote, which in some way tells me what she believed and I guess what was important to her; serving others. I know the kind of person she was because she would write things like, "took bread to five different families today...fed the missionaries...spent time at the nursing home today visiting with so and so..." Someday I will meet her and I am sure we will become best of friends. In the mean time, I am grateful that she sent me Grandma Betty as I am sure she had a hand in putting her in our lives, not to take her place, but to be there for us since she couldn't be.

Today also marks my Grandma and Grandpa Young's 67th Wedding Anniversary. Can you believe that? 67 years with the same person and they are as much in love as they were the day they got married, that is what they say, but I imagine there love is at least 67 times what it was then. They are always together. In fact last time I was home grandma was telling me that they never go anywhere without the other except if grandpa goes to the gas station to get a soda. How cute is that? My grandpa adores my grandma. He always has. You can tell by the way he takes care of her. He even still opens the car door for her. And up until a year ago they would go to the temple every Wednesday to do sealings. I imagine that as they would do this, they would think of the day they were sealed and the blessings of the covenants they have made to each other and the fact that they will be together forever. I was a bit saddened that I wasn't able to attend the surprise party that was had for them today as I am sure it was great fun to have 9 of their 10 children there, many of the 55 grandchildren, and several great grandchildren running all over the place.
One of my greatest memories of my grandparents is that every Sunday we would all go over to their home for cake and ice cream. I always loved the summer time when we would have ice milk and jello gelatin pops! And once when grandma had gone to visit one of her sisters, grandpa let all of the grand kids stay the night. Some of us slept in the camper outside, but by morning, we had all come inside because we were scared. Grandpa still to this day makes breakfast. Not cereal, but the real deal. However, I always remember them having peanut butter captain crunch even though I never remember seeing them eat a bowel of it. How grateful I am for the wonderful heritage that I have; it's truly a blessing!

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