Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pearls of Wisdom from Dad

Today is that day when we honor our fathers, for the men that they are, the things they have taught us and the people we have become because of them. But as I have been thinking it's about honoring all of the men in our lives who teach us, tolerate us, take care of us and make the time for us. But of course the special man in my life has taught me a thing or two; things that have stayed with me all of these years. I'm sure dad has no idea the impact he has had on my life, but really I'm the person I am today because he has always had the faith in me that sometimes I didn't have in myself. The thing I love about my dad is that he has always had confidence in me in whatever I did whether it was a fiddle contest or passing my boards dad always told me I could do it and you know he has always been right, I did do it and I still do it because he has had faith in me Even though we have all left the nest, my father still presides over our family. I loved when my family came this past May and just as always dad presided in my home as we had family devotional and prayer. Dad has given me pearls throughout the years, here are just a few:

~Always carry a hankie. I've always thought this to be kind of gross, but they never disintegrate like tissues do.
~Always serve with a smile. I've never once heard dad complain about serving. He has just always done it. In fact this very week he went to the church orchard to thin peach trees. He has been doing this for as long as I can remember.
~Always eat breakfast. Dad has always been the breakfast cook at our house. Whether it is milk toast or waffles, never leave the house without eating breakfast. In fact, this morning I called and asked what was for breakfast, pancakes of course. And to honor him this morning I had his waffles that he made while he was here. They tasted almost as good as they would have had he have been here.
~Keep a journal. I always remember seeing dad write in his journal on Sunday's, loose leaf paper, and a black binder.
~Study Scriptures daily, including modern day scripture. My entire life I've seen dad do this every morning, no mater if he is on vacation at my house or home in his office. Not a day goes by that he doesn't do this.
~Be a leader. Anyone can be a follower, but it takes special people to be a leader.
~Find a spouse who will adore you, love you, and care for you under any circumstance. Dad is the prime example of this.
~Always keep jumper cables in your car. Just the other day my neighbor asked if I had any. Of course I did, thanks to dad.
~Keep the sabbath day holy. Dad always taught us that Heavenly Father will not with hold blessings from us if we will respect His day.
~Early to bed, Early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.
~Be grateful for little things, little people, little opportunities to learn and grow.
~Talk if you need to, but always, always listen. You never know when a lesson is to be had.
~Never let your guard down and if you get in a sticky situation you can always call dad, no questions asked.
~Laugh when it's appropriate.
~Go to the temple often. I remember as a teenager but especially in college that dad would go to the 5am session on Tuesday mornings. What a great example that was, in fact I remember running into him there when I lived away from home during college as our ward did 6am baptisms once a month.
~Always be prepared for what ever may come your way.
~Keep your chin up even when times are tough. Everything will always be okay, it may take a while, but it always turns out the way it should.
~Save for a rainy day.
~Buy a case of food at least once a month. You will never go without if you have your food storage.
~Walk out of a movie if it isn't appropriate.
~Be modest...speak modest, dress modest.
~Work hard. It brings happiness to one who can provide means for not only themselves but for others.
~Sing in the church choir, even if you can't sing.
~Always say yes to a calling even if it is the ward choir director. And always support others in their callings.
~Share your testimony with others often.
~Pray, Pray, the Lord for guidance in all aspects of your life.
~Have a love for music.
~Give to others quietly.
~Expect to be surprised. Let Heavenly Father be in charge. He will never lead you astray.
Thank you Dad for patiently and gently guiding me along the way.

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