Thursday, July 1, 2010

Kids Say The Darndest Things

So I am on a wild card (5 days off in a row) this week, spending my days in Montgomery Alabama with my cousin Emily and her family of 4 children. Hannah age 25, I mean 12, Ella age 9, Macie age 7, and Carson age 5. Just yesterday my first day here I wake up to Carson saying, "Mom, Spiderman is so cool. He can do anything." So as I'm waiting for the troops to be rounded up to go to the zoo, Macie comes up to me and says, "Why don't you have a husband?" We go to the zoo and the kids act like they have never been there even though they have a year pass and were just there a few weeks ago. It should have been me acting that way, as I can't tell you the last time I went to a zoo. We had a great time though.
My favorite parts were the giraffes, elephants and jaguar. We even got to take a train ride through the zoo. Ella keeps asking for hand sanitizer, which Emily doesn't have and it bothers Ella that Emily is so unprepared and shakes her head like she is a disappointed parent. She is so worried all the time about germs; she's nine.

Macie was running and fell. She turns around and has blood streaming down both knees and can you believe not a tear fell from her eyes?

But Emily came to the rescue with her yes, Maxi Pads to soak up the blood saying, "That's what they are meant for, to absorb blood and she had a handy dandy first aid kit in her large mom purse.
It is so hot here that every so often there are misters that the kids would run through. The day was quite cool, maybe in the high 80's but by the time we left the zoo, we were all dying of heat and humidity. So of course we had to stop by the nearest sonic for 1/2 price drinks. So while actually waiting in the Sonic parking lot for 7 minutes for 2pm to arrive Ella says only about 12 times through tears, "Mom, I am starving. I can't take it any longer." So we got this fried sampler of tator tots, cheese sticks and onion rings to go along with our diet drinks. We only ordered 2, well Ella wants her own because of her new found fear, GERMS, so she starts crying and jumps in the back seat, not for long though she realizes, she is hungry and will share after all.
So of course by now we are hot, hot, hot and want some sun. I put on my bathing suit and am reading my book by the pool when Carson comes out in his swim trunks and says, "Come on get in." I say, "I'm tanning, I'll get in in a bit." He puts his hands on his hips and says through tears, "You mean I got my swim suit on for nothing?" How can someone resist that? So we swim for a while and the children fight over splashing each other and Emily and I are trying to not get our hair wet. Yea right with kids in the pool? So in the midst of my time outside, Macie has swam, went inside, changed and watched tv, and came out again in another bathing suit. That girl went through at least 10 outfits yesterday. I'm standing in the kitchen watching Emily do dinner when Macie comes up to me and says again, "Why don't you have a husband?" My reply, "I'm fat and ugly." She stands back and with a wrinkle in her forehead says, "No you're not." It was so cute. Keep in mind, Macie was not quite a year when I moved in with them when I was in grad school. It has been so fun to see them grow up, but scary too. When Hannah dishes up her 4th helping I make a comment and she storms in to the other room to eat by herself. I'm so glad I was never a moody teenager.
After dinner I'm sitting out with Macie and the cat on the porch swing, watching a southern storm and reading my book and watching the crazy kids across the street 4-wheel in the pouring rain, when the neighbor girl rides up on her bike. She is 6. Keep in mind it is pouring. I say to her, "Where are your shoes?" She puts her hands out and in her southern voice says, "hey, I don't wear shoes, I'm lucky if I wear them to school." With that she rides off in the rain. It was so funny. But what was probably more funny was that I was sitting outside with a coat on. Not a few hours before I was dying of heat.
This morning I'm siting on the couch with Carson and I say, "So what are we going to do today?" He just starts laughing. Now how would it be to not realize that you have to plan your day, to get as much jammed into it as possible? But in the past 24 hours I have come to realize that Nick is so right when he says that I'M TOO SERIOUS. I told this to Emily last night. I need to act like I'm on vacation all the time. It is so much more fun. I wish He could see me here with the family, relaxed, laughing and stress free having a grand ole time with no worries. Emily and I laugh a lot when we are together, something I need to do more when in my regular life. But kids make things so funny. Emily is my therapist this week and says, "The problem is you two are adults with responsibilities having a dating experience with married peoples responsibilities. It's not like when I was young and dating when my parents were paying the bills and I was going out all the time." You know what, she is totally right. So maybe I will go back with the thought of vacation always on my mind. We shall see. And we shall see what today brings. I'm sure it will bring more fun, laughter, and lots of surprises. As I'm writing this I'm hearing Emily say, "Oh no my oats are kicking in and then Carson did you pee on the wall again." And I am laughing my head off...

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  1. You definitely deserve a wild card, Terah, and I'm glad you're having fun!