Monday, July 26, 2010

Is Today Really Monday?

Today was about one of the best Monday's ever. I went to the gym for my two hour work out, 1 hour of group power and 1 hour of cycle. I have been going to this gym for over 3 years and taking the same classes. I look forward to my gym time. I have great friends at the gym and I look forward to seeing them. Today I had one ask me what I was doing to get "so thin." By all means I'm not that, but my reply "I doubled my lifting weight, increased my resistance in cycle, and cooking for one means usually not eating much." However after my 4 1/2 hour shift where I only saw a total of 6 patients in my "normal clothes," I went to a drug rep dinner at Maggianos to eat the calories that I burned this morning. It seems like when I help someone out by picking up their shifts that the shift goes by quite nicely, well at least if it isn't at university that is. I actually asked my nurse what day it was, because Monday's are never so good as today was. I have talked to my mom, my cousin Alisha, and the other counselor in the RS Presidency Wendy today. We have all had rather wonderful conversations. And one of the best parts, drum roll...I sent in my cancelation form for my $9000 Perkins Loan, which is now paid off in full without a dime out of my pocket, just 5 years of working full time in health care. So, yea I'm not quite sure what tomorrow will bring, but I'm hoping it won't make up for the lack of patients that I saw today.

I might add, there is an awesome cool, yet humid wind this evening. It feels rather wonderful. And I hear thunder and see a few lightening strikes, I think that means rain for my flowers!

The thought of a song my aunts use to play when I was a kid and they were teenagers comes to mind just now. Yea baby, just another Manic Monday. I hear you all singing along already!

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