Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesdays Tune's

I grew up listening to music and playing music from the oldies in dad's truck to Hank Williams and the Oakridge Boys on the record player. The last time I flew home dad picked me up and of course had on the radio. He said, "I came across my new favorite XM radio station, old time bluegrass." Did we ever imagine we could get radio stations without static and 10 minutes of commercials between each song? Now we can with XM radio! Growing up we were always surrounded by good music. This is probably why I have such a love for it still. The words in songs can either lift you up or pull you down, that is why the church counsels the youth and all of us to listen to uplifting music.
I have many favorite songs and every week find a new favorite. I remember as a child we would make sugar cookies and listen to and sing along with our favorite records. We even would listen to stories on records. I remember listening to my mother sing along. She has always had a beautiful voice. Even today when she finds a new favorite song she will put it on repeat and play it over and over again. And every Sunday morning mom still starts the day off with having church music playing. I am sure our love for singing together as a family came from those early days. Every Tuesday of my life was music day. Fiddle lessons and Piano lessons. I even remember mom would usually have a pot of soup and homemade bread made on Tuesdays, because she wouldn't have time for anything else. Every morning and usually afternoon you could come to our home and hear several people practicing. We would each choose a room and practice for a while, especially during the months leading up to contest time. My favorite place to practice was outside, however there were times when there was one of us in the back and one in the front. My parents were such a support to us as we competed each summer and as we performed several times a week. I don't think however that we really appreciated it until now.

This week however I thought I would post songs in honor of my grandparents. Grandpa Randy is going in for a procedure today and we are hoping all goes well. Grandma and Grandpa Young and Grandma Betty and Grandpa Randy have both been together since they were teenagers and have made it over 60 years. They would both say that their love is much stronger today than it was when they first married. My mom always says that she didn't really know the love she had for my dad until many years after they were married. Their love grew as they were challenged, overcame obstacles, and experienced the joy's and disappointments of parenting.

So here goes my first Tuesday's Tunes:

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