Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another New Nephew!

Our family had a pleasant surprise this morning/afternoon. Karston decided it was time for his mortal journey to begin or rather the doctor did. Not quite sure the entire situation but something about there not being enough fluid and bleeding meant a "your having a c-section now." Come on people, can I get some medical terms here? I received the news just as I was getting ready to see my first 2 patients for the day. It was already crazy busy and I had several people already talking to me when my phone rang with the news. He came a little early weighing a measly 3 pounds 9 ounces, 18 inches long. Talk about tiny. Tenielle sent a phone picture holding him and wow, he looks so little. Thank you to Tenielle who sent pictures throughout the day. He will have to be in the NICU for at least two weeks, but he is apparently doing well. No need for oxygen, he is already eating well, and unlike the twins he had his eyes wide open in each picture I got yesterday except one. He was so ready to come to the world that he keeps his eyes open just so that he can see all of the new and exciting things around him. He looks like a little man from the pictures. I will post pictures just as soon as they come my way.

I'm so excited that when I go home there will now be 5 little boys and 1 sweet, spoiled little girl that I will be surrounded by. Oh, tis a happy time! And I got a plane ticket to go home in a few weeks for a mere $14. Well, I did have a $400 voucher so I guess it really cost a little more than $14, but for me it was the cheapest plane ticket in quite a while.

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