Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Nickalaus

Today is Nicks Birthday. Here are just a few things that I like about him:
His eyes sparkle when he is happy.
He has never raised his voice at me, even when he is mad at me or frustrated or irritated with me he still keeps calm.
I love to watch him in the kitchen. He is so proficient and confident when creating something to enjoy.
A gardner at heart, how fun it is to see what he can grow from a few small seeds.
He has a testimony of the gospel and has planted such strong roots in such a short time.
He always looks hot; in gym shorts, jeans and a polo, shorts, or a suit.
He is financially smart.
He is humble.
He is independent.
He is tall, dark and handsome!
He can do laundry and keep a house with a very clean bathroom.
Any man that can teach himself to play the piano and enjoys playing and working on developing his talents has my heart.
I like it when he calls in the middle of the afternoon for no reason other than to just say "Hi" and when I'm on my way to work to tell me to have a good day.
I love it when it's late and he gets this glimmer in his eye and says, "Do you want to go for ice-cream?"
I think it is great that he isn't lazy, that he is an early to bed, early to rise kind of man.
He magnifies his calling and has a desire to serve.
I love to hear him laugh, especially when watching Modern Family.
He is a good listener.
That deep southern drawl, brings this western girl a smile!
I smile more because of him, when he texts me, when I get an email from him, when he calls me, when I think of him, and when I'm with him.


  1. We love Modern Family! Did you let him read his birthday list?

  2. Any man who likes late-nite ice cream is a keeper! =)