Sunday, June 2, 2013

Warm Green Chili Chicken Dip

My work had a going away pot luck on Friday.  I wanted to bring something without having to make a mess of the kitchen and to use the left over stuff I had.  This turned out to be quite the hit, super delicious and easy.  I though for sure I'd have a bunch left over, but I didn't have any left over.
8 oz. cream cheese; I whipped it with a hand mixer
2 cans chicken from Costco
1 can green chili's
1 can artichokes (actually I used left over from last weeks pizza's so about 1/2 can)
shredded pepper jack cheese
a little cumin
a little white pepper
salt and pepper
Warm in oven and serve with crackers.  I think next time I might add 2 cans of green chili's, which I'm pretty sure gave the taste it needed.

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