Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ovarian Tumors Go AWAY

The entire time I was in Phoenix I had horrible lower back pain.  I basically can't sit.  It feels like I have fallen on my tail bone.  It is all I can do to sit 30 minutes to drive to work or to sit an hour and 10 min through Sacrament meeting.  I have also been having some lower abdominal pain; it feels like I have done a 10000 sit ups, yet my stomach looks like I am 4 months pregnant.  I seriously get up to drain my bladder 3-4 times a night, my bowels have to be relieved 5-6 times a day and I leak when I sneeze, which shouldn't happen given I'm a healthy 36 year old women who has never gone through child birth.  Several weeks ago I made an appointment with my pcp for Monday morning, June 3, at 8 a.m. and a week ago I made an appointment with an ob/gyn after feeling a mass coming from up in the lady parts and after 2 weeks of not being able to jog even a little because of the abdominal pain.  Yesterday I had my appointment with my pcp.  They drew blood and I had a pelvic ultra sound, where they of course found an ovarian mass on my left ovary.   When the very kind radiology tech finished, she went to talk to the very hot radiologist who came to take another look, which meant she had to put that penis like camera up me for a second time ouch!  Given the fact that I let them know I was a PA and I was only here 3 weeks, or maybe it was because I have multiple tumors on my ovaries and the radiologist was probably like "oh crap, " he told me what he saw, which they typically don't do.  I have a 9 cm left ovarian mass and a 5 cm right ovarian mass.  He seemed quite surprised when I told him it had only been going on for a short while.  He felt an MRI was needed.  The contrast from the MRI gave me one of the worst headaches ever, in fact it was so bad that Tristen had to come get me from the hospital and mom and dad had to come and get me from Tristens.  Thankfully with a priesthood blessing I was able to sleep last night.  This afternoon I have an appointment with Dr. Klomp, the ob/gyn.  I am not expecting good news.

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