Friday, July 19, 2013

An SLC Fabulous Friday

1.  We needed a break from home so Wednesday we along with Tristen and her kids drove to SLC late in the afternoon.  We didn't have any big plans here, just needed to get away.  Yesterday we went to my favorite restaurant Red Buite for lunch where I got my favorite pasta salad.  I had to pick the corn and black beans out because I can't have them, but it was still delicious.  I love that the pasta is homemade.  We did a little shopping at Downeast where I bought two dresses, a skirt and a tank top for $56.  I love a good deal!  We then went to see Tenielle at the Capital where we met several of her co-workers and her friend Pamela Atkinson, who is a very prominent women in this community.  She is very good friends with President Monson.  She isn't a member of our faith but is a very faithful women.  She is the one who had the connection to Huntsman Cancer Institute.  We had sushi for dinner last night at Rice. It was amazing and we had a great time!  Of course there is no place that has better sushi than Wasabi Cafe in Concord.  Tony's friend Jordan came with us.  I have never met him, but he said he feels like he knows me.  He is hilarious and made up a song about me and him.  I wish I would have been able to record it; it was spur of the moment and awesome.
2.  Last Saturday Tristen, Aidree and I went to the Horse Parade that they have in Nampa every year before the Rodeo starts.  We were sad they didn't throw any candy, because I'm happy to report my sweet tooth has returned after not wanting anything sweet for 6 weeks.  After the parade we had lunch at our favorite sandwich shop Mancinos and then we went to the Lavender Festival. All in all we were only got for about 2 1/2 hours, but by then I was needing to be home.  Sister Jones and Sister Pool who were my teachers in Young Womens and who have become such good friends came over when we got home.  Sister Jones is serving a mission with her husband in Spokane, but they came home for the weekend because their grandson is going on a mission.  It was so good to see them and visit.  My parents went to Eastern Idaho for my moms class reunion.  It was the first time in 6 weeks that I was home by myself for several hours.  Of course my siblings and parents checked up on me often. Sometimes it's just nice to have some time to yourself.  I mostly just read my book, but it was nice alone time.  My friends the Metcalf's brought their kids over to swim in the evening so we had a nice chat.   All in all it was a very enjoyable Saturday.
3.  Tuesday I went to my follow up with Dr. Z my chemo Dr.  He was thrilled that I didn't have any nausea or vomiting with the first round of chemo.  He was going to just have me do the IV chemo next time, but since I did so well with the first round we are going to proceed with the IV and IP.  He has informed me the IP is going to make me sick, but I still hope and pray it doesn't make me as sick as he thinks it will.  I am feeling pretty well.  I do have muscle and joint pain from time to time, especially at night and in the mornings, but considering I had a major surgery and chemo in the past 6 weeks, I think I'm doing rather well.  
This was my first chemo treatment last week.
4.  Mom and I walk nearly every day.  I have to get my exercise in.  My brain tells me I can run 4 miles, but my body tells me I can only walk 1/4 mile, which is better than nothing.  This week we did the hill.  I was bound and determined to walk the small hill up from our house and we did it and then some.  I feel I can do more and more each day.  It is still my goal to get up to where I can do a 5k in September for the Ovarian Cancer walk in Dallas.  We shall see.  Before all this that would have been a piece of cake.  It's amazing how all that changed 6 weeks ago.
5.  My friends Kimmi and Kristi that I grew up with were in town this week and came for a long afternoon visit.  Oh, how wonderful it was to catch up with them.  Kristi lives in Southern California and Kimmi in Phoenix.  I only see them once a year.  We couldn't believe I didn't see Kimmi when I was living in Phoenix.  
6.  CompHealth the company I work for headquarters are in SLC.  Today I had a nice visit with my recruiter and a few others.  They have been so amazing through this process.  They are a wonderful company and I am so grateful to be part of them.  I can't wait to get back to work, but for now they told me to just get better.  
7.  We got pedicures today!  Funny thing is my feet and legs were so sensitive; must be the chemo.  I don't go without having painted toenails, even as a chemo patient.  I like a french pedicure!

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  1. WOW so much in this post!! You are living life to the fullest and I love it!! You travel, eat great food, visit with family and friends, get your toes done. I'm so happy your doing so well!! Prayers from all our family continue to come your way and will until you are TOTALLY WELL!! Love aunt Leslie