Tuesday, July 30, 2013

So Long My Hair...Until Next Year

On Sunday my cute niece Aidree came in the door and with a concerned look on her face said, "Auntie Terah where did you hair go?"  How do you explain that to an almost 4 year old?  Yea, made me cry.  It is sad because I have 9 nieces and nephews 6 and under, who have no comprehension of what I'm going through, because really I look like I feel fine.  Even though I got my hair cut last Friday, my hair kept coming out in handfuls.  In fact I didn't even have the chance to actually really play with the pixie look because it just kept coming out.  On Sunday a lady at my church who is a hair stylist offered to shave my head when it was time.  And since my Aunt Sherri I know didn't want to do this I didn't make her.  Unfortunately Monday morning when I washed my hair handfuls of hair fell out of my head.  I had to keep handing it to my mom so it wouldn't plug the drain.  The worst part was when I combed my hair; it was the largest hair ball I've ever seen!  Talk about a major part in my hair and a large forehead, like when Moses parted the Red Sea.  I looked like an old lady.
You thought I was joking right?
Even though this lady didn't work on Mondays, when we called her she said she would be happy to meet me at her salon.  Believe it or not, I didn't even shed a tear when she shaved my head.  I think I was just over it.  I had hair all over me and my pillow case all the time; bottom line I was just sick of it.  And come on, lets admit it a balding front is not attractive, especially on a woman.  
I need to stop raising my eyebrows, it makes me have wrinkles in my forehead.
I definitely look like a Cancer patient now.
The best part of the experience was that she brought some scarves for me to pick from and her daughter showed me how to tie them.  There are some super cute ways to wear scarves that actually stay on your head.
Today when Aidree saw my bald head she kind of freaked out, but after a little while she got use to it.  And yesterday my 6 year old nephew Kadyn was rather confused in his silly way asking where my hair was too, but we tried to explain to them why this has happened.  I hope they understand just a little.  So here's to a bald head for at least the next 7 months..
My cute nephews who visited yesterday.


  1. The Transtrum Family all agree you are the cutest bald person we have ever seen! I hope Chemo went well for you today. I am glad your sisters were there with you. Hugs, Alisha

  2. I am so proud of you...not crying....really??!! Well I shed some tears for you, because you are awesome and the consensus is you are a pretty fine chemo chick. Miss you much and cannot say how proud I am to call you friend. Keep up the good fight ....Love and Hugs, Jod

    1. I just love you. I feel like a part of you is with me through this even though you are clear across the country.

  3. You. Are. Adorable.
    Just beautiful.
    I shaved mine before it started falling out, but major patches keep growing back. I have sandpaper head and it drives me crazy! Can't wait for it to all be gone. :)
    I've got my coffee and I'm just settling in to read the rest of your posts.

    1. You are so sweet. Are you going to the women's cancer retreat in Montana in mid September? I hear it is wonderful. Some of the people in my therapy session are going and have invited me to go. It is all free and you can have your treatments there. I would love to meet you.

  4. You look so beautiful!! You are our teacher for hard trials because you are amazing!!