Friday, July 12, 2013

First After Chemo FF

1.  In the middle of the night when I can't sleep, before I dose off for an afternoon nap, or when I wake up from a nap I often lay in my room thinking of all the fabulous things that are happening around me and to me, even though many times it is hard for me to understand why this has all happened.  In the midst of those times, I can always find something positive, which is why I have to keep up my Fabulous Fridays.  I started Fabulous Friday soon after I moved from CLT because I was having a hard time finding the positive of moving from my fabulous life in CLT.  So, I will keep this up, even though I may miss a Friday here or there.
2.  Because I missed last week, I have to say the 4th of July was a great day that I was able to spend with my family.  I can't tell you the last 4th of July that I didn't work and was able to spend it with family.  Our neighborhood has a parade, which was started by a neighbor who is from Russia.  Apparently each year it gets bigger and more people join it.  This year I sat out with Stella in the front yard with our pandora patriotic tunes blaring and enjoyed watching the kids ride with grandpa and Tenielle on the 4-wheelers.
3.  I can finally lay on my stomach, only for a few minutes, but at least I can.  I'm a stomach sleeper so this back sleeping has really made me have some sleepless and uncomfortable nights.  
4.  I have gotten back into reading.  My friend sent me a book which takes place in NC at the beach and is about 3 best friends.  I am loving it.  As I read it I think of the sights and smells that I love so much at the beach.
5.  Chemo has made me tired, but no nausea like they promised; at least for now.  I really didn't feel the effects until the third day which was just that I was so tired and I slept a lot for 2 days.  I also feel very achy and sometimes I feel a little stomach upset, but still no nausea or vomiting!  This is huge.  I just hope this continues!
6.  Monday I got 3 large postal boxes in the mail!  They were from my co-workers in CLT at the University Hospital.  I felt overjoyed, so appreciative and loved by those amazing people.  It was like they had a party for me.  It was exactly what I needed.  I got 3 pair of PJ's, which I really needed, books, movies, lotion, scarves, earrings, a light house, gift certificates and other fun things to get me through this difficult and sometimes boring time.  I can't express the gratitude I feel for those wonderful people and their gifts of love.  


  1. I am so thrilled you haven't been very sick so far!! We'll keep praying for that!! I love all those people that send you stuff and pray for you and are there for you!! I'm especially grateful for your mom and dad because I know they take such good care of you!! Today I had to do sharing time in primary and I used your basil plant to tell a story and all the kids had to smell it, it smells amazing!!

  2. I miss my basil plant. I was actually talking about it today and wondering if I could start an herb garden this late in the season. I think maybe that will give me something to do between my chemo sessions.

  3. No nauseous sounds like an answered prayer. Phew! I'm SO glad for you!!