Friday, July 11, 2014

Another MVY FF

1.  I'm homesick for Mr. J.  This morning he sent me a text that said, "I miss you."  The next text, "Even more than I did yesterday."  Word's don't begin to describe how I feel about this man!  Our hour long skype date tonight, without any frozen moments was awesome!  I have horrible internet here, but the house on the property has great internet, so while my clothes were drying I had a Friday night date with Mr. J!  It was fabulous, but not as fabulous as it will be in 13 days when I get to see him face to face!
2.  My 5 day stretch wasn't all bad, but by the time I was finished with it I was ready for a break!  It has been so nice to have 3 days off in a row.
3.  Wednesday I skipped my gym class so that I could spend the day exploring the eastern part of the island.  I first stopped off at a farmers market, browsed the oldest general store on the island (I love general stores), went to a flea market and a fishing village, enjoyed a toasted coconut ice cream cone up at the cliffs, took random pictures of nuns and mailboxes (because I have this weird fetish for mailboxes) and went to the supermaket for sale items; chicken and strawberries.  Talk about a busy day!

4.  Thursday I slept in for the first time since I think I had chemo.  I actually had gotten up at 630, went out to the couch and turned on The Today Show.  I vaguely remember turning it off an hour later.  When I woke up it was noon on the dot.  I had to check 3 clocks to make sure I was seeing the time correctly. I was bummed I missed my cycle class, but had a brisk walk later in the evening.  I usually only sleep in until 830 at the latest.  It felt good though.  I figured since I had wasted my morning, I might as well waste the rest of the day at the beach.  It was overcast and cool so I only spent an hour at the beach but it's always relaxing at the beach.
5.  Today I went to cycle, chatted with my gym friend Susan, talked to mom, Tristen and Grandma Betty on the phone and then went to the beach to see the sailboats race.  It was from a distance but was still pretty awesome.  I also enjoyed the sunshine!

6.  Summer to me is lemonade and popsicle's, but since I haven't gotten any popsicles, I make crystal light lemonade and then freeze it to slushy stage.  I'm a succor for anything that resembles a snow cone. I might add I did see a snow cone shack on my way back from the beach today, but I didn't want to turn around.  Next time for sure.
7.  Sunday was my first day teaching primary!  I have 2, 8 year old girls.  They are going to be so fun.  I was so impressed by one of them who knew every detail about the story of the manna.  I also played the piano for the first time.  They are happy to have a pianist, which I always love.


  1. You are living in a paradise!! Its hotter than H--- here!! Only three weeks till you see Mr. J that is exciting!! But I'm sorry I can't let him go he's our best primary teacher!! When are you coming back to Phoenix?

  2. He is a great Primary teacher. I'll be in Phoenix no later than September 26. Mr. J's BD is the 27.