Monday, July 21, 2014

So Ready For Thursday

It's almost Thursday!  I can't wait to see my family, Mr. J and his little A's.  I am so glad today was busy and that the day sped by so that I wasn't counting down the hours like I've been counting down the weeks and now days.

Mom called me this morning to make sure I was ok because she noticed that I skipped fabulous friday; I informed her that I was just fine.  I only did it because last week was cloudy, rainy and I pretty much just worked and read a book, so nothing too exciting and no pictures. I am better than fine because I only have 2 more days of work before going to SLC!  We are having a mini family reunion full of fun, food and lots of laughter!

I have seen so many accidents from bikes and mopeds that I don't think I'll ever get on one again.  Unless of course it is in my cycle class which I enjoy 3 days a week.  Today I saw 2 pretty bad accidents from slamming on the brakes of a bike.  Who knew a bike could cause so many injuries.

I'm not getting tired of lobster rolls, sand, humidity, sunsets, the ocean or the cool temps here.  However, I am more than ready for a week of lots of hugs, Mr. J's lips and time with my family!  I'm off to do a little packing, a shower and then a chat with Mr. J to end my day!


  1. Mr. J came over to pick up lagoon tickets and he said he was soooo excited to see you, sigh, so sweet!! I hope this week is the best ever for all of you!! Yes I know all about bike injuries, with Amy breaking her jaw in two places and her chin!! Enjoy the coolness its horrid here 113 and humid!! I hate it!!!!!!!

  2. I can hardly wait to see Mr. J to do lots of kissing and hugging!