Thursday, February 5, 2015

Grandpa Honey Bee

Monday afternoon after we picked up the moving truck and as I was walking into the house the thought came to me, "Walk across the street and go see Grandma Betty and Grandpa Randy."  The kids were coming over in a half hour and I thought, "I'll go over in the morning or when the kids leave."   Lesson learned, don't ignore promptings.  Two hours later Grandma Betty called to tell dad and I to come over because she couldn't arrouse Grandpa Randy.  As soon as I walked in the door I knew he was gone because the spirit was so strong.  I went to him as he sat in his chair, felt for a pulse, turned to Grandma Betty and shook my head saying, "He's gone."

They had been at the doctors to have his blood checked a few hours before and he was in good spirits.  Grandma Betty was driving towards home when Grandpa Randy told her that he didn't want to go home, but that he wanted to get a chocolate milkshake at Sonic and a bbq chicken sandwich at Jack in the Box.  He drank his milk shake and because he only nimbled on his sandwich Grandma told Grandpa that he needed to drink a Boost.  He told her he would in 30 minutes.  20 minutes later Grandma took his Boost to him and just like that he was gone.  She had been sitting by him the entire time.  No struggle for breath, no pain and no warning.  What a great way to go, drink a chocolate shake and off to Heaven!

I'm so grateful that I was home and because I'm a PA I was able to call the time of death and the coroner didn't have to come out.  We were going to load the moving truck the next morning and then I was going to fly back to Phoenix Tuesday evening.  We were able to take the moving truck back, switch the days and they knocked $100 off.  I changed my plane ticket and will now fly back to Phoenix next week after the funeral.  I'm glad I was able to stay to be a support to Grandma Betty and she was grateful the coroner didn't have to come out.

 Grandpa Honey Bee was a miracle.  4 years ago he wasn't suppose to make it.  Remember this  post from 2010?  Grandpa Honey Bee was a true honey bee farmer.  He loved those honey bee's and I love them because of him.  He often took us out to the honey bee plant and showed us the honey bee's, but our favorite part was riding the horses that were out at the plant.  I remember the one time my horse started galloping and I fell off, scraped up my legs and him saying, "Get back on."  I was scared to get back on, but he helped me get back on the horse and away we went.  I was never really a honey lover until I was introduced to the very special whipped honey when I was in grad school.  And for many years I ate it every morning on my english muffin.  Whenever I see a honey bee or honey comb my thoughts have always and will always find them on Grandpa Honey Bee.

This man traveled the world, was extremely kind hearted to every soul he came in contact with and loved his wife with the most love for the 66 years they were married.  Grandma Betty told me this week that she didn't know who she was now because she had always been Randy's wife.  I told her that she was still my Grandma Betty.  At this she smiled and said, "Yes I am." 
 The last 2 pictures I have with Grandpa Honey Bee. Mother's Day 2014.
Celebrating 65 years of marriage August 2013.


  1. He sounds like a wonderful man!! I agree what a way to go!! Everyone sure loved his honey!!!

  2. My sympathy to all, but so many beautiful lessons there. A reminder to listen to those promptings, and wonderful that you could serve your family in such a special way. Your grandpa was blessed. May your grandma find comfort and blessings as she goes on.

    Jetta in Charlotte