Sunday, February 1, 2015

Good Bye Football Season

I'm always so sad when football season is over.  I don't know when my love for football came about, maybe in Junior High watching my brother play, but definetly in High School.  I loved watching my High School Sweatheart and captain of the football team, along with my brother play in Bulldog Stadium.  I loved the sound of the crowd and the band as it played our fight song.  And over the loud speakers at any football game, including every game in Bulldog Stadium you hear,  "We will, we will rock you..." 

I absolutely love watching college football, especially my beloved Boise State!  I'm not really an NFL fan, but football is football.  However when Ed Mulitalo and Rob Morris played I'd watch a little because I knew both of them personally and who doesn't enjoy watching someone you know play? 

Since it is the last football game of the season, you better believe the TV is on and we will be watching the big game.  I'm mostly excited to watch Katy Perry's half time show.  Her song Roar got me through my chemo treatment's and I have a special place in my heart for her.  I found this rather enjoyable article regarding those LDS members who are involved in today's big game.

I saw this on FB today and loved it, because of the honor it brings to Ovarian Cancer survivors, those who've passed from this disease and those who continue to fight their battle.


  1. I love your highschool memories. So nostalgic even though I only went to a handful of games. I love that you love football as you follow in Grandmas footsteps. Great post!

  2. Okay you make me feel better, you joined all of us heathens watching the big game!! You do remind me of my mom who loved football!! like my dad I think its boring!!