Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Grandpa Randy's Funeral

If you are wondering, I've been a bit preoccupied with putting my house together and being without Internet has caused me to get a little behind on my blogging.  But we are up and running and I'm going to catch up this boring blog of mine.  In my unpacking I have come across the many journals that I have kept since I was in first grade when we used that brown dotted paper writing about our favorite things.  I like blogging to journal much better than writing since my handwriting was never much to "write" home about. 
The beginning of February didn't happen the way we expected it, but all is well and good.

It is always fun to be home with my siblings, no matter the occasion even if it is for a funeral, when we can reminisce and remember the good times.  Grandpa Randy's funeral was beautiful.  Dad's talk was the best and Tony and Tanner sang beautifully.

Grandma Betty is having a difficult time, but when you have been with someone since you were 19, that's understandable. We will always remember him, his quiet nature, his words of wisdom and his kindness.
 Kadyn turned 8 and got a turtle.  That little one doesn't sit still long enough for a picture.  Maybe on his baptism date in March I'll get one.
 We made the all time consuming, but so delicious Gumbo.  And mom made a most delicious blueberry pie that we shared with our friends the Metcalf's.

And we had some story time!
 And some snuggle time!
 Kristine and I reuniting after many, many years!
 Tanner took this photo.  He thought the fact that Grandma Betty and I had the same look at the same time, talking to different people was funny.  He told me I wasn't allowed to delete it.
 We made this from his boot, like we did for Grandpa Swensen.  7 Roses for each of us kids.
I loved that they displayed his beekeeper attire.


  1. No, no, not a boring blog. I love how you capture your sweet life through pictures! Yes, the one of you and Grandma Betty is priceless!

  2. Such darling priceless pictures!! What a blessing your family are to grandma Betty!! I LOVE the roses in his boot--perfect!!