Friday, May 29, 2015

Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer FF

1.  When it hit's 100 degree's in Phoenix I've decided that means it's Summer.  That event happened today.  All day people kept coming into work saying how hot it was.  To myself I thought, "Really, it's Phoenix what do you except and just wait a few more weeks."  I LOVE Summer!
2.  Sunday I had dinner at Aunt Leslies with my cousins.  It's always fun to have Sunday dinner with family.
3.  Tuesday and Thursday were my day's off this week.  Tuesday I finally saw my primary care physician who got me scheduled for an Ultra Sound of my Gallbladder which I had on Thursday and showed 3 gallstones.  I wasn't surprised because every time I eat my RUQ hurts.  I've been telling my Oncologist for a year that I think I have gallstones and he keeps telling me it's scar tissue.  I knew I was right.  At least I know the cause of the pain now.  But of course I don't have time to have it out yet, so I will just have to keep eating a very low fat diet so that it doesn't hurt too bad.  I hope I can wait until Christmas when I can have a good excuse to take 2 weeks off.
4.  I've spent 4 hours at the pool this week, but still don't have much of a tan.  I'm working on it, since this was the first week that I've had time to enjoy the sun since I was at Martha's Vineyard last Summer.  People think that if you live in Phoenix you go to the pool every day, not so my friends.  I wish I had that kind of time. 
 5.  We had some sad news this week.  My sister-in-law Danielle went to have an ultrasound at 22 weeks to see what they were having and there wasn't a heartbeat.  The cord was wrapped around this sweet babies neck several times.  We are so sad that this little girl won't be joining our family on Earth to dress up and watch her grow, but we know that in the Eternities she will be ours and we will love on her then.  They named her Kaelin Mae which I just love, especially because she bears my middle name Lin.  Her feet prints are so tiny.  She only weighted .94 ounces.  I'm so glad that Tyler and Danielle were able to hold her for a little while.
6.  If that wasn't enough for them, little Kaeson nearly bit his tongue off tonight when he fell and hit his chin on a table in their living room.  Poor thing.  Definitely the 2nd worse tongue laceration I've ever seen.
7.  I finished a great book this week, The Wedding Dress by Rachel Hauck.  I loved it!  I especially loved it because there was no sex or profanity in it.  Sometimes it's hard to find books at the library that are wholesome.  Of course it was a book on cd, because of all my driving I listen to a lot of books on cd's.  It makes the drive not seem so long.
8.  It's that time of year again when raspberries are 88 cents at Albertsons!  Love me some raspberries!  When I was getting my raspberries and talking to mom on the phone they put out york peppermint patties in a cart with a sign that said 2 dollars a bag.  Mom ordered 5 bags, because she loves them and so do I, needless to say I took all 7 bags in the cart.
9.  I had a groupon that needed used this week so I went to lunch by myself.  It was pretty good, however I'd not take the recommendation for shrimp pizza again (I only ate 1 piece, not the entire thing).  I had heard the brushetta was delicious and it was, especially the apple one. 
10.  Last Friday my computer slid off of my chair and the video went out.  I took it to the Apple Store on Tuesday and they couldn't figure out the problem there so they were going to send it out for 300 dollars and would have my computer a week.  I consulted my very smart, computer savy brother Tanner who told me to take it to a computer store that worked on Macs.  I found one in Scottsdale who diagnosed the problem in 2 days and only charged me 95 dollars.   I'm so grateful for smart computer people.
11.  When I was in Scottsdale I stopped at a mall with a Talbots to take a few things back.  This was the biggest Talbots I've ever seen in my life.  Next time they have a big sale, I'm there!  There are so many cute things there that I've got my eye on.  On my way out of the mall I passed through the kids shoe department in Nordstroms.  I found the cutest pair of size 5 sandles.  They were slightly big and I asked the sales associate to see if they had the shoes in a smaller size in a different store, since these were the only pair.  She came back to tell me they were a special order and no other store in the system had them, but she was able to put in some more holes in the straps and they fit perfect!
12.  I registered this week to take my boards for re-certification.  Gahhh, I'm taking them in 48 days.  Better start studying hard core.
13.  All week I've been thinking, "1 year ago I was in Europe."  It was by far one of the best experiences of my life!  I'm ready to start planning Europe trip number 2, I'm thinking Italy.


  1. I love reading your blog Terah!

    1. Ah thanks. I sometimes think its boring, but I have to keep up the "journal" like my grandma! Glad someone enjoys it!

  2. I love it too!! You lead an amazing life!! I'm so sad for Danielle and Tyler. I need their address would you please text it to Gordon???