Monday, May 4, 2015

Hair, Glorious Hair

When you have cancer and you lose your hair to chemo you are desperate to know when your hair will start growing back. 
October 2013
When I was bald I looked to find blogs that showed hair re-growth after cancer.  I found a few, but it was really hard to find and there wasn't much out there.  So I vowed when this was all said and done, that I'd write a post for someone who might be needing the reassurance that yes, hair grows back after chemo.  Yes, the first few months of regrowth are down right scary and no I didn't run around town looking like this very often.  I still wore hats and scarves until the first week in March.  By then I looked less like a freak of nature.  I will admit I do still feel like I'm having the ugly hair grow out stage, but by now I don't look like I'm growing my hair out from chemo, but more like I deliberately had short hair and am growing it out from a short hair cut.  Sometimes I wonder what is harder being bald or having the ugly grow out hair style.  I so look forward to the day my hair is down to my shoulders; maybe a year from now it will I can only hope.

People often ask me if my hair was this curly and this dark before chemo.  My response is always, "yes it was curly, but it was always so long, so of course it wasn't this curly and I think it is the same color, maybe a little darker and definitely more grays eek."  I'm pretty sure my hair is curlier than before, but we will see once it gets longer if it ever gets there. 

I like the curly look, it is super easy.  I can even blow dry my hair on high and in a few minutes it's dry and I'm out the door.  I try to wear it straight sometimes, but it just isn't my favorite do right now, I think because it has too many layers and the bang doesn't quite stay behind my ear, almost but I have a hair cut scheduled May 18, so it will get cut again. 

Here you go:  18 months of hair grow out.

Early December 2014

Christmas 2014
January 2014
February 2014
February 2014
March 2014

Early April 2014
April 2014
May 2014

June 2014 1 year from OVC Diagnosis
First Haircut June 2014
July 2014
August 2014
September 2014
October 2014
Second Hair Cut Oct. 2014
Early November 2014
Thanksgiving November 2014
January 2015
Early February 2015 after 3rd Haircut

Early March 2015

End of March 2015
April 2015


  1. Loved this! You have always had super cute hair, no matter the length. Dallin is already planning his senior trip to Martha's Vineyard. Hope you will be there;)

  2. Your hair looks absolutely darling! So classy!

  3. You are just the cutest thing and I LOVE those curls!!!!
    I'm sure I've told you that I have curls on the side of my head with stick straight in the back. Awesome. But, the back is finally long enough that I can use a curling iron so things are finally getting a bit more balanced!

    1. I'm getting my hair cut on Monday. I'm tired of my mullet, I just want it all 1 length.

  4. Your one of a kind Terah, in a wonderful way!! I love how you showed the progression from then to now, so amazing!! Terah you truly look healthy and beautiful!!