Friday, May 1, 2015


1.  4 days of straight Continuing Medical Education is tiring to say the least.  I know I was just sitting for 8 hours a day, but really my brain was working rather hard to store all of the information that I was being given.  Each 1-2 hour lecture taught me what I would learn in school over an entire semester.  Thankfully I know more than I think I know, at least I hope that comes true when I take my boards.  July 16 is my target date.  I never win anything, but I won 75 dollars worth of books, that means I only got 1 1/2 books because medical books aren't cheap.   I got a book on antibiotics and one on internal medicine.  I think they will come in handy.
2.  I must admit I did something I never do:  I drank my calories.  It was hard to resist the free drink bar.  I splurged and had a coconut Italian soda 3 days.  They were so good.
3.  Sunday and Monday after classes, I went to drug rep dinners.  They weren't only delicious, but I met 3 people that I enjoyed having conversation's with.  Monday's dinner was at a Vietnamese Restaurant that fed us dish after dish.  I tried to only taste each dish so that I wouldn't get full (the stomach can't handle it).  My favorite part was the dessert which included fresh mango's and chocolate ganache. Here is the dinner menu, which didn't include the desserts and appetizers.
4.  Aubrey picked me up Tuesday afternoon!  I love spending time with this sweet friend of mine.  We did something that I don't typically do...we went to a 930 movie!  Age of Adeline was so good.  I highly recommend it.
5.  Wednesday morning we went on a walk, to Tj Maxx (where I didn't buy anything, I know shocker, no worries, I splurged there last week) and then to lunch.  This visit was much to short, but it is always so much fun to have girl time with this wonderful friend of mine.
6.  And yep I'm back to working 4 shifts before I'm leaving again to go to Charlotte for 1 week!  So excited to see my friends and my sister Tenielle is meeting me there!  I'm excited to complete one of my goals of doing an Ovarian Cancer walk!


  1. Yum. You are making me hungry!

  2. Only Terah would have so much fun during Education Training--movie and great food and friends!!