Friday, April 24, 2015

A Seattle FF

1.  Sunday my Aunt Leslie, Uncle Gordon, and cousins Deborah and her family came for dinner.  It was my first time entertaining in "my home."  It was fun to have them come for dinner and to cook for other's besides myself.
2.  I will be staying in this cute cottage in MVY in only 7 weeks.  I can't wait!  This cottage is across the street from the beach and the bedroom window has an ocean view.  How fun.
3.  My last permanent day at the Goodyear clinic was Wednesday.  I'm going to miss those patient's.  For the first time in my career I felt like these were my patient's, because I got to know them and their families.  I am really going to miss this view when I leave at night.

4.Thursday morning I left early to fly to Seattle, it was a very light flight and I had 3 seats to myself to catch some zzz's.  Tim (Grandma Betty's Son-in-law) picked me up and took me to their home that they are actually selling in Kirkland.  We met Marlene there where she brought us a delicious burrito lunch.  I left a little AZ sunshine in the form of Grapefruit on Aubrey's door and then Marlene and I headed to their beach house.  Marlene introduced me to my new favorite drink...

5.  Oh the beach house!  It is gorgeous, relaxing, peaceful and I felt just like I was at home.  It was a bit windy, so we only spent a short time on the beach where there are tons of huge shells.  We each took a short nap and then made dinner.
The sunset was gorgeous!
4.  Friday morning we had breakfast, relaxed and I wrote in the guest book.  I loved reading this entry from both Grandma Betty and Grandpa Randy.  Grandpa Randy said it best about the beach house, "This is the place to come when tired, hungry or needing a hug.  What more could one ask for or wish for?"

I love the kitchen (this picture doesn't do it justice) and the ceiling.
5.  We spent the afternoon in this cute little town where we shopped a bit and I bought some very cute head bands and a hounds tooth navy and cream scarf, ate a delicious lunch of crab and strawberry salad and then we hit a bakery on our way out.
6.  We caught the ferry to Seattle which brought us some absolutely beautiful views.  I think got some pretty great pictures today!
I love the teal boat, can you spot it?
This is my most favorite!
7.  Tonight I attended a reception for my CME, went to the gym in the hotel and watched Twlight.  That's a lively Friday night, not...


  1. So many beautiful pictures!!! Loved coming to your cute apt for dinner!! Thank you!! Sounds like your having a great time!!

  2. Yes, I love the pictures Terah! You are a great photographer!