Monday, April 6, 2015

All In One Day

Saturday was the first day off that I wasn't out of town or had visitors in forever.  It was a fabulous ME day.  Every once in a while it is nice to have a day to yourself.  I packed every moment I could into this day and was sad to see the clock tick down to midnight when I went to bed, because there was so much more I could have done. 

My day started with a 3.38 mile jog around my neighborhood, taking streets I haven't in the past.  I jogged passed a yard that had several huge lemons on the ground and still in the tree.  On my way back I admit I stole some and then later in the day went back to the house, knocked on the door to ask for lemons (but no one answered) so I stole some more.  Since they were on the ground Aunt Leslie said it wasn't stealing, just helping the home owner to get rid of them.  Citrus in Arizona is kind of like zucchini in Utah, it goes to waste often and I hate to see citrus go to waste.  Of course after my jog I enjoyed a few glasses of ice water with lemon, very refreshing.
I then watched the first session of conference, got myself ready for the day, folded clothes that had been in the dryer from last week and started another load.  After conference I went to Talbots to buy a dress that I've had my eye on for a while since the price finally came down.  I then headed to Ulta to buy a few things.  When in an isle one of the ladies showed me something similar to what I was looking at telling me that this product that she recommended was even better than the one I was looking at.  She then proceeded to do a mini makeover on me, which I of course wasn't opposed to.  Of course she got me to buy the product, which I admit I love.  Just as I was finishing up at the register a lady was announcing that she was doing complimentary hand treatments/massage sessions.  Yep, I was there at the right time.  It was so relaxing.

Next stop was the fed ex store to drop off something for MVY and then to my local supermarket Sprouts!  I love this store.  They have the best produce ever.  I bought strawberries for 88 cents a pound and ripe pineapple for 88 cents each, along with some romane lettuce which I eat in 4 meals. 
It was then time for the afternoon session of conference where I  had a healthy pina colada with spinach of course, did some dishes, and straighten up my house.  I did a little crocheting during this session too.  I then went to Sonic to get my afternoon coke zero, went through the 3 dollar car wash to get the bird crap and bugs washed from the windshield, went back to Ulta because they put the wrong thing in my bag and then of course got stuck in the lipstick isle where I bought some awesome red and pink lipstick that stays on all day!  It was happy hour and I was hungry so I had some delicious mini tacos and cornbread at Zteja's.  I stopped off at a CVS to get some new eye shadow suggested by my friend Aubrey, while I talked to her sister Brooke on the phone and then I went to have a pedicure!
It was ladies night at Deseret Book where Aunt Leslie works so I stopped off there to buy some books of course, finding one of my most favorite 2014 books on sale.  Sadly I didn't win one of the many door prizes they were giving out. 

Since I couldn't get anyone to go to the Easter pageant with me at the Mesa Temple, I went by myself.  It was so nice and the perfect thing to do the day before Easter.  I had always heard this was a wonderful production and it certainly met all my expectations and put me in the Easter Spirit.
I had a coupon for cold stone that expired that day so of course I had to get one to go, which is still in my freezer for a rainy day.  I did have a couple of bites of course. 

See I told you it was a very good, full day!

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  1. Don't you love those days when you get so much done and get to do just what you want?? I was so happy you found one of your favorite books on such a good sale!! It was fun seeing your beautiful face at the crazy ladies night!!