Friday, April 3, 2015

It's April FF

1.  This week has sped by.  I wonder what my neighbors think when they see me leave early each morning and not return until after 10 at night.  They probably think I don't have a life, oh wait they are right I don't really, unless you count working every day as having a life.  It actually isn't that bad.  With it being April and many snowbirds going back to their homes it has been a rather slow week (if 35 patients a day is slow).
2.  My blog book from 2014 came in the mail this week!  I love reading through post from the past year to see the growth I have experienced.  2014 was definitely a growing year for me, not only for my hair but also my testimony and character.  Yes, there are many posts about my time with Mr. J which still brings me some disappointment, but I also see the Lord's hand in the way it all happened.  It is still hard for me to understand it all, but I've learned sometimes we must push through and move on, without knowing every detail of the why's and why not's.
3.  I now have a new favorite breakfast thanks to Aubrey!  1 egg, 1 egg white, fresh basil from my herb garden, salt and pepper and scrambled equals deliciousness!  It has helped to have a pieces of homemade wheat bread which mom made last week.  I think it was a great suggestion to split the loaf and not let Tenielle take the entire loaf!  I miss having homemade bread every morning (Aunt Leslie...hint, hint)!
4.  Every evening when I leave the Goodyear clinic this is my view.  It is beautiful and I so much enjoy it.  There is something about the palm tree's with the beautiful sunsets that I love.
5.  Today I worked at the Mesa clinic which is a sister to the Goodyear clinic.  It was super easy as I saw maybe 10 patient's if that.  After work I delivered a package to Aubreys mother who only lives a few miles from the Mesa clinic.  It was so fun to sit in her home and catch up for nearly 3 hours.  I had to do a double take when I looked at the clock and saw it was already 7.  From there I went to the beautiful Gilbert temple.  It was a sweet experience as I did something that I haven't done since just before I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.
6.  Speaking of OVC, I signed up this week for the first Teal Diva 5K.  I am so excited for this, not only to donate to a cause so very close to my heart, but to do this with my sister Tenielle, my friend Pamela (who remember did a 10k in Dallas when I was having treatment), my friend's from Charlotte and other OVC survivor's.  I wanted so badly to do the 10K with Pamela in Dallas.  The day she did it however I was suffering from major side effects from chemo.  We planned to eventually do a run together and since she now lives in the DC area which is only a 6 hour drive, she is going to meet us there! 
7.  This week I had a patient who was diagnosed with an extensive case of Lung Cancer.  She had just finished her first round of chemo.  My heart went out to her and I was glad I could be there that day to talk to her about my experience with losing my hair as she expressed her fears of losing hers.
8.  I love cherries to eat and to decorate with.  I bought this darling dress several year's ago in hopes that I would someday have a daughter who could wear it.  I found it in one of the many boxes that I unpacked a few months ago and so I sent it home knowing it would fit this sweet niece of mine.  She wore it yesterday and Tristen so kindly sent me a picture. A cutie-patootie for sure!

9.  This week I booked my plane ticket for Seattle!  This is a planned trip the end of April when I will attend the WAPA conference that I attend every 2 years; this year it will be in preparation to take my boards again (insert sad face).  But I will get to spend time with Aubrey and Marlene and hopefully will be able to see my cousin Paige who now lives there and I haven't seen in years.
10.  This weekend is the Semi-Annual General Conference.  I specifically take this weekend off from work so that I can be taught from the leaders of our church things that I can do to improve my life!  Hope you enjoy conference as much as I know I will!  You can view it on or  

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  1. Isn't the Gilbert temple so beautiful?? I'm happy you got to go!! You have a wonderful life and you enjoy every moment you can. When you say you don't have a life, I laugh, its soooo not true!!