Tuesday, March 31, 2015

CA 125

Just a little post that my CA 125 is up from 7 to 13, but still within normal range given it is less than 36.  I will have this repeated again in 2 months.  So happy I am still in remission!  What is causing the Right Upper Quadrant pain?  I still think it is gallbladder.  I'm going to make an appointment with a primary care physician soon.  Happy Teal Tuesday!  Go out in your teal today.  I'm wearing my survivor earrings and running out the door now to pull a 12 hour shift!


  1. I've been waiting for this post ever since we were texting! I hope your FP has some answers. Feel better girl ❤️

  2. Love you Terah! So happy to see you this past weekend. You look great!

  3. 13 is a lucky number!! Let me know what the doc says!! Se you in a few days!! love ya!!