Friday, March 6, 2015

Fabulous Friday Is Back!

Fabulous Friday is Back!  Yes, I've taken a month off, but I think I'm back to my normal routine of life, well at least I'm feeling settled and most things are put in their place for now so I should be back to my normal FF.
1.  I'm going to have another niece or nephew early this Fall as Tyler and Danielle are expecting the end of Sept/first of Oct.  It is always so fun to have a baby in our family.  I adore these nieces and nephews of mine and love each of them with all my heart!
2. In celebration of having lived after a diagnosis of OVC for 2 years, I bought tickets for our family to go to Disneyland in September.  My nieces and nephews have been wanting to go for a long time and they are all in love with Disney Characters.  I'm excited to see their joy when they experience The Happiest Place on Earth.  They are all the perfect ages to enjoy the magic of this place.
3.  My friend Linda Cook-Jensen and her sister have been wintering in Phoenix.  Last week we met up for dinner at an English Pub.  They had the best cream brulee and dad loved the meatloaf'!  It is always so good to see her.
4.  Saturday evening I took mom to a dinner theater for an early 60th Birthday present.  We had a delicious dinner and then watched the most amazing Les Miserables.  This was at Arizona Broadway Theater.  The play was one of the best I've ever seen.  Mom and I had such a great time!
5.  Sunday we had dinner with cousins at Aunt Leslies and my cousin Amy came from Utah with her new darling baby.  I love family Sunday dinners!  That evening I slipped over to see my friend and hiking buddy Ofa.  I am missing our weekly hikes.  Hopefully when I get on a schedule I will get back to hiking.  It's hard to have a schedule when you have visitors, because for some reason I have this mindset that I'm on vacation too.  I think living in Phoenix makes me always feel like I'm on vacation.
6. Yesterday we drove 3 hours to cross the boarder into Mexico and to visit our friends the Jensens who were down there having dental work.  We had the most delicious tamales and shrimp tacos for lunch and then we went shopping.  I can't believe how you can walk into a pharmacy and buy medications without a prescription.  It was great.  Not that I needed anything, but I bought some medications for others.  I also bought a pair of leather flip flops, a hat, a great wooden spoon/soup spoon, some vanilla and some toffee covered almonds.  We had such a fun time down there.  The Jensens have a trailer that is like a small apartment, it was nice and relaxing to sit in there and listen to the wind chimes.
7.  My brother Tony flew in tonight and will be here for the weekend.  We have several fun things planned, which I've been looking forward to for weeks!
8.  Do you want to see what MVY looks like in the Winter?  This beautiful picture was taken there this week.  It's hard to believe most of the country has snow when it is in the 70's-80's here in Phoenix.  I haven't missed the Winter snow one bit.  I am excited to be going back there this Summer!
9.  I finally got privileges so I can start working for EMP next week!  I'm going to work until the end of April both jobs and then only work for Onsite Care as needed, because they found someone to work through the Summer.  Remember I was only PRN for them, but they needed me until they filled the position.  I have so much enjoyed working there and am actually a little sad, but I will still be able to work for them some.  
10.  I have started a little herb garden here which I'm excited to start using in my cooking.  I love fresh herbs, they make everything so much tastier.  First thing I'm going to make will be a drink that my friend Melanie made when I was in MVY which includes limeade, mint and cucumbers.  It's super refreshing and delicious.

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  1. You sure know how to live life to the fullest!! Oh how I love that picture of MVY! So beautiful!! I long to be there!! I'm soooooo excited to go to the dinner play!! Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!