Sunday, March 22, 2015

Busy Super Sunday

1.As promised this week was unbelievably busy with work.  I was so happy to have today off.  There were moments today when I just sat in my little green recliner and marveled at the fact that I didn't have to see a single patient.  I'm pretty sure I saw over 200 patient's this past week and all with colds.
2.  I did have a wonderful conversation with my friend Rachel who lives in CLT today.  I miss that sweet friend of mine.  She has had an difficult, unexpected event in her life and I'm so sad for her, but I know things will eventually look up for her.
3.  Last night my friend Pam sent me a text of her cute baby in a Boise State outfit that I gave her.  Pam is living in Australia for the next 2 years.  I was at the supermarket at 1030pm when she text me, so when I got home we Skyped since it was Sunday afternoon there.  It was so fun to see her, the kangaroo's across her street and her cute kids.  We had so much fun when we lived in Kentucky.  I'm telling you if I could go back to any year of my life to relive, it might just be the year I lived in Kentucky.  There are so many wonderful people there and it is so beautiful there.  I had so much fun living with my cousin Emilie and of course going to the GAP outlet, Natural Bridge and the Glitz add to my memories of my last year of grad school!
4.  I was excited to get the details this week of the Teal Diva 5K in Charlotte.  Remember one of my goal's this year was to participate in an Ovarian Cancer run?  Hoping all of my Charlotte friend's who supported me during my treatment will support this great cause and run or walk with me.
5.  Today my friend Holly and her husband Jack (visiting from Nampa) came over for an hour for banana splits and to chat.  Last night when I was at the supermarket I bought some girl scout Samoa cookie ice cream.  As I was going to reach for the "light" ice cream, I saw hiding in the back of the freezer 2 containers and had to grab one of them, since there was only room for one in my tiny freezer.  Yep, I gave into the pressure of my taste buds, but it was so worth it.
6.  Tonight my ward had a meet and greet with some of the new member's and people on the ward counsel.  We played a get to know you game and had such a great time.  It is nice to get to know more people in my incredible ward!
7.  3 shift's this week and then I get a break for the weekend to spend time celebrating moms 60th birthday and Kadyns baptism.

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  1. Still enjoying life and living it to the fullest!!