Wednesday, March 18, 2015

45 Minutes

I'm always amazed at what I can accomplish each morning knowing I have to be somewhere at a certain time, that somewhere meaning work.  I try to prepare meals ahead of time so that I can grab and go, but given I've worked the last 8 of 9 days, got home at 1030 last night and have 6 more shifts to go before having a weekend off, my mind is always thinking about my future meals.  Yep I'm always thinking food, because when you work as much as I do without being able to leave to get something prepared (and being the healthy eater that I am) you have to have it ready and available when the hunger pains begin.  This isn't a post about food, at least that wasn't my intent.

This morning and every morning I go to the gym.  This morning it was cycle from 8-8:55.  I'm home by 9, sweating and still not cooled, down even though the windows were open on my 2 minute drive home.  I turn the AC down from the usual 75 to 72 so that I'm not sweating as I try to apply my makeup.  In my mind I have to leave right at 945 so that I can stop across the street at Sonic, because I am out of crushed ice (I'm addicted to crushed ice) and the clinic I'm working at today doesn't have it.

After turning on the Today Show, because I need background noise and to be filled in on the latest news, I hop in a cool shower.  A few minutes later I lather myself in lotion, because it is so dry here this has become part of my normal routine; I use the Costco Kirkland brand. 

I put my moisturizer on my face and forget trying to finish my make up until I've cooled down.  I pull out my container of already prepared Steel Cut Oats from the fridge hit the 1 minute button on the microwave and when it finishes add some hazelnut sugar free/fat free creamer, strawberries that I cut up during the reheat session, blackberries and sit down to watch the Today show as I eat for 5 minutes. This is like eating dessert.  It is so yummy, but healthy! 

I'm finally cooled off and then realize I need something to eat for lunch.  I had pulled out a turkey sausage from the freezer last night and put it in the fridge to defrost.  I cut it up and put it in a frying pan, cut up my celery for my snack later in the day, run into the bathroom to apply more makeup, back to stir the turkey, dry my hair and then I'm back to sweating again.  I add the sauerkraut to the almost burned turkey sausage while brushing my teeth in the kitchen.  Some  finishing touches on my hair and face, get dressed, put lunch into 2 different containers so that I have some for the next few days, cut up my grapefruit, grab a protein bar, an apple, my already cooked broccoli, a handout for my new visiting teachee for later tonight, my new book on CD to listen to on my way to work and out the door at 9:45!  I love how I've accomplished so much in such a short time and I still have time to cross the street for my coke zero and extra cup of ice before hitting the freeway for my 35-40 minute jaunt to work.

Oh, yes my kitchen has dirty dishes in the sink, but I did make time to wipe up the spilled sauerkraut off of the stove, so that I don't come home to crusted leftovers that I have to scrub to remove.

How working mother do it I have no idea, but praises to them.


  1. What Coke-Zero? Is this Aunt Leslie's doing? I never knew Terah;)

  2. stems from working nights in the ER. Sometimes I just need a caffeine fix, usually during happy hour! And sometimes I just need the carbonation fix. But you can also blame it on Sonic's ice and a shot of vanilla!

  3. Wow you have quite the schedule busy busy girl!!! You are a very healthy eater!! Now the coke zero not so much.