Wednesday, March 11, 2015

You're Pregnant

Today I had a patient who came in with vague epigastric abdominal pain which she had had for only 5 days.  She had never been pregnant and told me that after a few rounds of invitro without success her and her husband just decided they would never be able to have children....until today.

I told her that her sx. were likely related to acid reflux or a viral syndrome, but that because she was having abdominal pain that I'd like to get a pregnancy test just to be sure.  I had even written up my chart as if this was acid reflux. 

We did a pregnancy test and immediately it turned positive.  She was in quite the shocked state.  It was actually pretty funny, but I was so happy for her.  We put her positive pregnancy test in a bag and I told her she should do something fun to surprise her husband. 

It's kind of fun being the person to surprise someone who hasn't been able to have a baby that they are pregnant, even though I felt like I kind of sprang it on her.  We both thought for sure it would be negative and we were both very surprised.  Happy Day for this patient of mine!


  1. What a great day!! I love how happy you are for others!!

  2. Hooray! What a neat experience. Thanks for sharing!