Sunday, March 15, 2015

Super Sabbath Instead of Fabulous Friday

1.  After running some errands on Friday we picked Tony up from the airport and then went to dinner at our new favorite pizza joint, Fire Pie.  It is so yummy.  You can put as many toppings on your pizza and salad for the same low price.  The balsamic vinaigrette dressing is the bomb!
2.  Saturday morning we went to my cousin Amy's baby shower, to the Aloha Festival where we had delicious snowcones and spent the evening eating BBQ at Rudy's with our friends the Sondrups.
3.  Sunday we attended church and I made the ever delicious Limeade with mint and cucumbers and Tuna Salad!
4.  I said goodbye to Tony Monday morning and started my very long week.  Mom and Dad flew home Tuesday morning and left me all alone!  It's kind of nice to walk around the house with little on!  I'm so glad they were able to come spend 5 weeks with me their favorite daughter!  We had so much fun and made many memories.  I love you mom and dad! Come again anytime!  Have you noticed how much mom and I wear stripes?  Especially navy blue and white?  Like mother like daughter!
I spent most of Tuesday in Casa Grande learning computer stuff and then had a visit from my Bishop and one of his counselors that evening.  They are so nice and it was fun to get to know them and feel like a part of their ward.
5.  Wednesday my VT's came over for at least 2 hours.  It was fun to get to know more people in my ward.  I really am blessed to have such a fantastic ward.
6.  Thursday-Saturday....very long days of working, like 14 hour days.  Good thing I'm only going to work 9 days a month.  The days actually went by very quickly and it was nice that I only had to go across the street to sleep in the sleep rooms that they provide.  They were actually very comfy.  I also love that they have crushed ice that I can chomp on all day long!
7.  Today we had an amazingly spiritual ward conference.  The theme was "How having faith in Jesus Christ requires us to take action to allow changes in our lives."   Here are a few insights that I gathered:
-The softer word for repentance is change.
-Ponder the pathway of your feet
-We show our faith through obedience to our commitments.
-The way will not always be crystal clear, but if we will have faith like Enos we will be directed by the Lord to do what He needs us to do and be where He needs us to be.
-The people in Joshua 3 couldn't just walk by the water and it would part, they had to step into the water before it parted.
President Monson has said, "Wishing will not make it so.  The Lord expects our thinking.  He expects our action.  He expects our labors.  He expects our testimonies.  He expects our devotion.  When we plan prayerfully and work diligently to achieve our goals, the Lord magnifies our efforts and helps us reach our potential."
8.  Tonight I went to Aunt Leslies for a delicious dinner of grilled chicken, fruit, orange glazed rolls, a big green salad and brownies with the best butterfinger ice cream!  Deborah made a very yummy fruit dip that consisted of 1 vanilla pudding package, 1 cup sour cream, 1 cup milk and 6 oz. orange juice concentrate.  It was nice to visit with everyone, especially Leslie and Gordon when everyone left.  They make me feel so very loved.
9.  My 2014 blog book has been created.  Now I will just have to wait for it to come in the mail!

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  1. You are your parents favorite daughter!! I'm their favorite sister!! WOW visiting teaching for 2 hours that's a long time!! I'm so glad your work provides sleep rooms and ever better crushed ice!! We have so much fun when you come over!! You sure are loved by everyone!!