Friday, March 27, 2015

An Unplanned FF

Yesterday morning I left Phoenix at 6am heading to Boise via Seattle on a standby ticket.  I knew I might not get out of Seattle as early as I wanted to, but I figured I'd likely make it by the end of the day given there are several flights from Seattle to Boise.  I didn't make the first flight out so I asked what the next few flights were like.  Given they were full and the 945 pm flight had 20 seats open I figured I'd see if my dear friend Aubrey had any plans for lunch.  Thankfully she tossed her to-do list to the side and 45 minutes later she was picking me up from the airport where we headed to the Cheesecake Factory for a salad and to catchup.  It is always so good to see this dear friend of mine.

As we were finishing up lunch she asked if I wanted to spend the afternoon with her instead of going back to the airport.  Of course!  It was so fun to drive through Seattle seeing Spring in full bloom.  My Aunt Leslie is correct about not being able to enjoy all of the seasons in Phoenix.  I love Tulips and was so happy to see them in full bloom.  Aubreys darling children came home from school completely surprised that I was there. 
Aubrey did a little makeover on me and I must admit it that she totally sold me on Maskcara Cosmetics!  It never hurts to change up your 12-14 year look.  I feel brighter, younger and prettier with this make up on.
I've always thought it was great that Aubrey starts dinner just before the kids come home so that she has time to help them with their homework.  I was in heaven with her menu choice.  Brussel Sprouts which her children love and I've been wanting to try and a very delicious spaghetti like dish.

Here are her brussel sprout secrets:
Cut each in half
toss with olive oil, sea salt and pepper. 
Cook on 350 for 20 minutes and then a few minutes on broil.  This will definitely be a new dish that I'll use often.  Every time I go to my local Sprouts I want to buy some brussel sprouts, but I never knew how to make them.

Spaghetti Sauce:
Cook chopped red onion, yellow pepper, garlic in olive oil.  Brown hamburger and add to vegetables.  Add a jar of organic spaghetti sauce that starts with a B; maybe Burtelli? from Costco and then mix in 1/2 cup whipping cream.

Talk about a gourmet meal!  It was delicious!
We then stopped at her local target where I could get some of her favorite Voluminous Loreal mascara and then we had frozen yogurt for dessert.

Log story short:  When I got to the airport (actually I knew a little before hand) the 945 flight that I was going to take was overbooked because another plane had been canceled, which left me seat less.  There was 1 ticket on the 2:25 flight today which I ended up just paying for because really it's just money right?

And then we got to have a slumber party and I was able to practice what I had preached earlier in the day about how I've learned since cancer to just take things as they come, don't get upset or worked up about things out of my control and to just go with it; which is exactly what I did.

This morning we walked the kids to school, took a lovely stroll seeing all of the beautiful spring tulips and we enjoyed a breakfast of eggs with basil and yogurt.  It was a perfect, unplanned visit with this dear friend!

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  1. What a wonderful time with your friend!! Sounds like she's a super healthy cook!! I love tulips, Lisa's favorite flower are yellow ones. Maybe I'll get a bit of spring in May when I go to Nampa, I hope!! You've got to tell me about this makeup you both look gorgeous!!