Friday, April 10, 2015

Another Unexpected FF

1.  This week has been completely and utterly fulfilling, even though the events of most of the week were unplanned.  Friday my mom had called me at work to let me know that my great-aunt June (my grandpa Swensens brothers wife-got that?) was not expected to last on this earth much longer.  And she didn't, as she passed away Saturday evening.  Because of this I got to see my family again this week...but lets start this week in order.
2.  Saturday was great as previously blogged about, but Sunday was even better as I was able to listen to more fantastic talks from General Conference.  During the first session on Sunday I compiled a new favorite Easter Song Playlist.  I always love a new playlist and sharing those playlists with friends and family.  These songs remind me of the love Jesus Christ has for me.  Between conference sessions I went to Aunt Leslie's where I picked a grapefruit from the tree.  I miss being able to do this every day.  There is an abundance of sweet grapefruit this year.  I still have at least 1 grapefruit daily and will miss when grapefruit season is over!  I'm pretty sure grapefruit season must be the longest fruit season of any, which I'm happy about.  We watched the last session of conference and then everyone came for dinner including my cousin's Janna, Deborah, Laura and Lisa who was visiting from Utah.  Dinner was delicious as usual!  It's always more delicious with family.
 3.  I worked Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thursday I flew from Mesa to Provo at 6:20am, caught a taxi to the train station and rode the train to SLC where Tenielle, Aidree and Bridget picked me up.  I wish I had a picture of the girls running down the side of the train yelling, "Hi Auntie Terah."  It was so cute!  We then went to see Tanner at work, who happened to actually not have been at work because he took the day off to work on a school project.  We ended up having lunch with him and Tony, even though Tanner had no idea that I was actually coming to town.  Lunch was at Flat Bread, mostly because its' delicious and I knew the girls would have fun making their own pizza's.
The photobomber are aweseome!
 Bridget concentrates with her tongue out like her dad and grandpa.
4.  My favorite part of the day was visiting Temple Square.  Because I absolutely love tulips, I was in Tulip Heaven.  You really do miss the seasons when you live in Phoenix.  Nothing is more beautiful than Spring on Temple Square and the peace we felt there was almost touchable.  Aidree and Bridet say the cutest things.  I told Aidree that she needed to stop growing up and she said, "I need to hurry and grow up so I can be a mom."  Bridget got caught in the back seat smearing chapstick on her lips.  When I took it away from her she told me that she was getting ready for her wedding to her prince tomorrow.  How cute is that?
The girls wanted to visit the Christus and I took these precious pictures!  We also learned more about Christ as we read the depictions that went with these most beautiful pictures.
5. Tenielle and I drove to Pocatello where we met mom and dad, visited my mom's Aunt Arnetta and her cousin Kendra who was diagnosed this week with Colon Cancer and has a Hank (but only for 4 weeks) and then we drove to Idaho Falls.  My dear friend who I met in Jr. High and moved just after High School, let me know her mother was visiting Idaho Falls too, so she met us at the hotel and we talked for 2 hours.  It was such fun to catch up with her.
6.  Tyler and his family stayed at the same hotel so I got to have breakfast with my nephews.  They are darling.
7.  This morning was a beautiful Spring day in St. Anthony, Idaho to celebrate the life of a soft spoken, sweet woman.  It was so wonderful to see family.  Funerals bring families together.  I was so happy to be able to visit my Grandma Swensens grave.  I'm pretty sure I felt her sweet spirit there among us along with many of our dear family members who are buried there.  I'm quite positive she is sad that we don't visit more often.

This is the house mom grew up in.

8.  Of course the time was short and I had to catch a flight from Idaho Falls back to Mesa (so that I can pull a 12 hour shift tomorrow), but not before venturing into our favorite Candy Store in Rexburg to capture the deliciousness of Princess Michelle's.  These candies have a soft cream cheese center and toasted coconut on the outside and literally melt in your mouth.  We've got to find a recipe and make them ourselves someday.
Until next time...

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  1. WOW beautiful pictures!! Love this blog!! Your nieces are so cute and love you so much!!