Friday, May 22, 2015

I'm Official and From Mullet to A-line FF

I really did write this post last Friday, but just as I was going to put pictures on it, my computer slid off my chair and the video cord came loose (that's what I know now).  I just got it back today and am updating...Stay tuned for tomorrows FF from this week....
1.  It's nice to travel, but it's also nice to be home.  This week has been a great week!  I had 4 days off Friday-Monday, worked Tuesday and Wednesday.  I'll take it!  I feel like I've gotten so much accomplished, but feel like I still have so many things to do before going to MVY in just 3 weeks!
2.  Saturday we had a baby shower for my cousin Laura and her twins.  I'm excited to be able to hold them soon.  I also went on a little shopping spree. 
3.   Sunday I went to a Marven Goldstien and Vanessa Joy fireside.  It was so enjoyable, especially the filled cup cake they had afterwards.
4.   I got my hair cut Monday by Aubreys sister Brooke.  She did an awesome job!  The mullet came off and I got a slight A-line.  I finally feel like I have a normal hairstyle and am not just growing it out after chemo.  I will admit I'm getting really excited for the shortest layer to hit my neck.  Wooohooo.
5.  Monday was a me day, (ok most day's are me days), after I left Brook's I went for a massage.  I'm not one to splurge on massages, but I bought a groupon for 3 and so I had my first one.  This girl was amazing and gave me the best massage I have ever had!
6.  I'm official!  I have both an AZ drivers license and license plates.  I dread going to the DMV, but I got my car inspected and got both a license and plates in less than an hour.  How often does that happen?  I admit I was a bit sad to have to give up my NC license, because my hair was long and I think it was the best drivers license picture I've ever taken.  This one isn't so pretty.
7.  Because I didn't have to spend my entire day at the DMV I decided I'd spend a little time at Talbots.  I'm a Talbots snob, especially when they have 50% off the lowest marked price.  Sometimes a girl needs to shop twice in 1 week!  I did get rid of several shirts in my closet this week to replace the few that I bought yesterday, one included the shirt I wore almost 11 years ago when I graduated from PA school.  Silly that I've kept it all these years.  I looked at it thinking, "wow I was so tiny then."  What happened?  Cancer grrrr.
8.  Today I learned how to fold socks and towels correctly at the Temple.  It was actually fun.  I'm pretty sure my mom would have been proud of my folding skills
9.  After the Temple I picked up my cousin Lauras kid's since she is on bed rest with her twins.  I took them to Cafe Rio and then we spent 3 hours at Tumbleweed Park.  It is such a fun park.  Deborah and her kids joined us at the park.  It is fun to sit and chat with Deb.  Today was the perfect Spring day, 80 and windy!  I don't know what Aunt Leslie complains about, the weather this month has been beautiful!


  1. So kind of you to help Laura!! Hey , I haven't complained at all this month, its been unusually nice!! I just want you to feel some real heat but no you just take off for Martha's--If you don't stay here all summer, you miss out on the real EXPERIENCE!!

  2. Ok, it's officially HOT. I've saved my grocery shopping for when the sun goes down, so that my goods don't melt before I get home.