Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Have You Heard?

This past summer my friend Aubrey had me try out her new lipstick product.  I liked it but didn't pursue it.  I think it was because she had introduced me to a different lip color a few months back which I loved and still do.

In October I caved at a womens expo that I attended.  At first when I heard the price I was like no way, but after using this for over a month, I realize the price is so worth it. 

I'm addicted so much so that I have become a distributor of Lipsense.  Have you heard about this long lasting lip color?  Well if you haven't let me tell you about it.

What I love about this is it is a long lasting lip color that is smudge proof, water proof, eat proof and kiss proof.  It doesn't get on my teeth or all over my water bottle.  The best thing is I only have to apply it once a day.  The second best thing is there are over 60 colors, which makes it difficult to choose one or ten!

A few weeks ago I took a second trip in November to visit my sister Tristen in Spokane.  One of the nights she invited some friends over for a Lipsense party and the best Pumpkin Cheesecake EVER.  Everyone had so much fun trying on different lip colors.  Even ladies who aren't lipstick wearers loved this product.

This product is so hot that as soon as they put out a new batch, you better get them or they will be gone.

My friend calls it crack for women.

Try it, you won't be disappointed.  If you want to host a party, I'll come wherever you are.  In fact I'm flying to NC in early January to not only see my peeps but to spread some Lipsense Love!
Yes, Aidree lost her first tooth, the girls both cut their hair, Carson is growing like a weed and Tristen allowed Aidree and Bridget to eat Halloween candy for lunch!