Friday, November 11, 2016

Nachos and Prayer

This week was rough.  At least the first 3 days were.  I literally went from the couch to the bathroom, to radiation, except for the 1 mile walk that I went on Tuesday morning that felt like a marathon.  Thankfully yesterday and today I am feeling better.  It is so good to be home in Phoenix, although it was a close call getting here.  Thankfully there are bathrooms all around me and lots of drugs to keep me in the clear.
I visited my sister last weekend.  It was a very quick trip.  I felt good for only half of my time there.  Eating is going to get the best of me.  If I eat, I get sick.  I can do small frequent meals but if I get the least bit full, I'm done for.  She did take me to this place for lunch that had amazingly delicious grits.  I may not have been born southern, but my time in the south gave me a love for some great grits.  But it was the Chinese food that killed me.  No more Chinese food for me, EVER AGAIN.

I was humbled on Sunday when Aidree prayed over her lunch nachos, "Please bless Auntie Terah that the cancer will go out of her body and please bless the doctors that they will know how to get the cancer out of Auntie Terah's body."  This is a 7 year old.  She is amazing.  I'm sure she has no idea what is really going on, but she knows to pray.  I asked her if she remembered praying for me when she was almost 4 and I was super sick and crying after surgery.  She didn't, but I always will remember her going around the corner and praying all by herself out loud that I would get better. Bridget (5) said a similar prayer that night.  Of course this brought tears to my eyes.  It was cute when she went and got me a tissue without even saying anything.  I'm so grateful for all on my sweet nieces and nephews who pray for me on a regular basis.  I know it is because of their prayers and so many that I am doing as well as I am.  It could be so much worse you know. 

Today a man from my church came over to asses my yard because him and the young men are going to clean it up.  He asked me what kept me going and positive.  I told him it was my nieces and nephews and that I don't want to die.

Carter is growing so fast.  He is so cute and loves his baths.  We are all so happy to finally have this election over with, even though half the country isn't happy about the results.  The other half wouldn't have been happy if the other person would have won.   I'm actually anxious to see what an "outsider" can do. 

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  1. I love how you just keep going one minute at a time!! So many prayers going your way constantly!! The outsider will do good I just know it!!