Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I Worked

I did what I came home to do:  I worked.
And now I'm tired.
I'm pretty impressed with myself.
26 patients in 8 hours.
Even with radiation side effects,
I still have speed and efficiency.
Last night was so bad.
I went to bed before 8.
Woke up at 2
With killer abdominal pain.
Thank you peppermint drops
And a heating pad.
Oh yes and phenergan.
Seriously thought I was dying.
I made it through today
Thanks to Zofran.
And now 1 basket of clothes to fold,
Garbage's to empty,
A few things to pack,
A flight to catch at 0610;
Which is way too early,
And I'll be back to
One Word:


  1. but she just keeps going one day after another, one word GRIT!!!

    1. I'm afraid if I stop going I won't be able to get back up! Sure love my Aunt Leslie!