Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Australia We Are Here

I was seriously afraid of the flight over.  Especially Saturday morning when I felt awful.  I used the cancer card and a wheel chair the entire process.  Seriously there was no other way I could have done it otherwise.  I have been so short of breath and my heart rate has been so high with any exertion.  Thankfully, I'm finally feeling the thyroid is slowly improving and I'm able to walk without stopping every few steps.  Seriously on Saturday when I got myself dressed I was so short of breath and thought there is no way I can do this.  But prayers have been answered and mom and I are both doing better.

My seat on the plane from LAX was in the perfect location and surprisingly comfortable.  I sat by 2 ladies from Sydney who had been touring the states for 2 weeks, Miami, Santa Monica, NYC and Chicago.  Talk about a whirlwind trip for them.  I stayed awake by watching 2 movies, at a rather non appetizing airplane dinner and then got comfy for my sleep.  I slept a few hours and then woke up and stretched and then went back to sleep.  It was amazing how fast 15 hours actually went by and how I was able to sleep on the plane.  However when I got to Sydney I all of a sudden didn't feel well.  Happily from Sydney to Melbourne I had thee seats to myself and slept the entire way.

Pam picked us up Monday morning (kind of strange that we completely skipped Sunday) and we headed into Melbourne to have lunch.  There are pastries everywhere.  Unfortunately my sweet tooth hasn't returned yet.  And actually I only drank a smoothie because I still wasn't feeling well.  The architecture is like modern mixed with New Orleans.  It's actually pretty cool.

We drove down and walked along the beach.  Pam lives on the military base which is about an hour or so from Melbourne.  When we got here it was time for the kangaroo's to come out, even though they are typically out all the time.  I always thought kangaroo's were so cute until I saw them hoping/slithering with their rat like tails.  I think they are creepy now and only cute on Winnie The Pooh.

By 6:30 I was ready for bed, but stayed awake maybe until 7.  A bed never felt so good.  Every night it has rained here, like torrential rains.  I love it, even it if wakes me up.  It's so relaxing.  It reminds me of Martha's Vineyard and Carolina.

Tuesday was Anzac day which is a national holiday here.  It's kind of like a combination of Fourth of July without fireworks, veterans day and memorial day.  We took the day to discover some of the Great Ocean Road.  To say it was gorgeous is an understatement and of course pictures won't do it justice.  PS.  Pictures will not be added to my blog until I return to the States, so just enjoy them on IG or FB.

We stopped at a Choclateir, which was incredible.  We had us some lunch and lots of chocolate, including fondue.  By the time we rolled ourselves out, we were all a little uncomfortable in our bellies. I only bought one item, because we plan to go to another location another day.  But the chocolate bar I bought was only at this store.  It is a lime, lemon, mint chocolate bar and the water painting art on the packaging is a landscape of the great ocean road.  I spent $11.80AU or 9.00US, but totally worth it.  Actually I haven't opened it yet.  Maybe when my sweet tooth returns.  Pam bought a hot chocolate.  they brought her the milk and pure chocolate that she whisked into her milk.  She said it was delicious.

We drove to a cute town along the Great Ocean Road where we did some window shopping and I wish I would have bought a pair of darling shoes at a second hand store.  Learned my lesson, buy the shoes.  I'm even still thinking of them.

I had a hard time sleeping last night, which might explain my jet lag today.  It's a little chilly, here but feels nice compared to Phoenix.  We drove an hour or so to a cute, old pottery factory, where we didn't buy anything because we were worried it wouldn't make it back in one piece.  We so much enjoyed the rolling hills filled with sheep, kangaroo and sheep crossing signs, and the beautiful Australian Countryside.  I've always hated seeing dead dear on the side of the road back home and a dead armadillo or raccoon in Carolina, but a large kangaroo roadkill here gave me the eebe gybes.

Tonight we are having Pam's gourmet chili and cornbread.  Perfect for a cold evening.  And just maybe I'll be tired enough to have me a good nights sleep so we can be rearing to go again tomorrow.

Australian Facts:
The ocean feels very fresh, not salt watery like the states.
They don't give you ice for your water, which I don't like.
At all the cafe's, you order at a counter and get your own water.
Toilets have two flushes, one for number 1 and one for number 2.
Last night when we got home the smell of Eucalyptus was in the air.  It was a lovely aroma.

Yesterdays funny:
At the Choclatier we were tasting the gelato.  The lady said to me after 3 samples, "This will have to be your last sample."  We got a good laugh.  And then dad bought the most delicious fresh strawberry gelato and the three of us shared one cone.

Pam has a 2 1/2 year old Lochlan and 5 year old Morgan.  They are adorable and would fit in perfectly with my nieces and nephews.  Morgan has the cutest Australian accent that she picked up at school.  It's so fun to be here with Pam and her family.  I love Pam like a sister and mom loves her like a daughter.

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  1. Oh, so glad you did ok on your flight! I've been checking your blog each day to see if you had any updates. Thanks for doing it, I'm sure we all love reading about your adventures. Have fun and be healthy and safe. Love you, Linda